Covers NetSuite Basics, How to Navigate, Personalize Dashboard, Portlets, How to Define a User and Assign him to a Role

What you will learn

Understand SaaS Application Architecture & NetSuite Relevance.

Understand System Requirements for Running Oracle NetSuite & What is a Unified Data Model in NetSuite..

How to Get Started & Navigate within Oracle NetSuite.

Understand How a Dashboard is Organized & What is a Portlet in NetSuite.

Understand What is Oracle NetSuite One World.

Understand Who is a NetSuite User, What is a Standard Role in Netsuite & How to Assign a Role to a User & Manage Permissions.


In this Course, You will Learn

  • SaaS Application Architecture and Net Suite Relevance.
  • The Lecture will also take you through the  Basic Requirements for Running NetSuite applications and how the Unified Data Model works. How NetSuite has been designed to cover Business Applications related to ERP, CRM, HCM, PSA, and e-Commerce Solutions.
  • Then the Lecture will briefly look at how Release Management works in NetSuite and introduce you to the Suite App Market Place, a Partner Solutions Center in NetSuite.

Then the Video Lecture will take you through how

  • To get started with Netsuite and Familiarize yourself  with the NetSuite Terminology related to Forms, Menu, and Records.

The Video Lecture will also take you through

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  • How to Navigate within NetSuite and how to Personalize the Standard Dashboard and Portlets.
  • To enhance User Productivity in NetSuite, the Video takes you through how to use a Global Search Engine, What is the Difference Between a Global Search & Quick Search and Create a Hyperlink for frequently accessed Forms, Reports, or Records instead of Navigating through Multiple menus and Sub Menu Path in NetSuite.

This  Lecture also will take you through

  • What is NetSuite One world and how to Create a Subsidiary Structure in a NetSuite Account.

Finally, the Video Lecture will take you through

  • Who is a NetSuite User ?
  • What is Standard Role in NetSuite and how to Assign a User to a Standard or Custom Role and how NetSuite Navigator works.
  • Once the User, Role has been Defined and mapped, the Lecture will take you through how to manage User and Role Permission in a NetSuite Account.


Introduction to SunderS Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP Foundation E Learning

Oracle NetSuite Applications Overview
Why Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP Foundation E Learning Series
Who Can Benefit from Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP Foundation E Learning Videos
How Students Can Re Skill with Oracle NetSuite

Architecture, System Requirements, Unified Data Model – NetSuite Relevance

SaaS Application Architecture and NetSuite Relevance
NetSuite System Requirements
How Unified Data Model Works in NetSuite ?
How does Release Management Work in NetSuite ?

Getting Started NetSuite. NetSuite Data Model & Terminology.

How to Access NetSuite Application ?
How is the Data Model Organized ? Introduction to NetSuite Terminology.

Moving Around in NetSuite , How to Personalize Dashboard, Portlet and what

How to Navigate in NetSuite ?
How to Personalize Dashboard & Portlet in NetSuite ?
How Global Search Engine Works in NetSuite ?
How to Create Hyperlink from any Form in NetSuite ?

Introduction to NetSuite One World

What is NetSuite One World ?
How Subsidiary Structure is Created in NetSuite ?

User, Role & Permission

Who is a NetSuite User ? What is a Standard Role in NetSuite ?
How to Manage User , Role Permission in NetSuite ?