How to invest successfully at the stock market during recessions, crises and bear markets

What you will learn

Investing during Recessions

Portfolio Management

Value Investing indicators

Macro Investing indicators

Stock Market Investing


Even if the stock market always increases in the long run, there are plenty of fluctuations and declines on the way. These arise from various types of crises like recessions, financial crises or debt crises.

This scares many people and even keeps them away from investing their savings in the stock market. This is a huge misconception, since the stock market has offered between 6% and 7% annual return during the last 50 years.

And especially difficult times like recessions also offer huge opportunities from the view of a value investor. It allows you to buy great companies for discount prices and profit from their recovery.

In this compact course, you will learn the essentials of recession investing and how to use them in favor for your own investment portfolio.

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VIA Financial Education UG (haftungsbeschrΓ€nkt) is a financial start-up located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and was founded in 2021. The mission of the company is to educate people about Personal Finance and Stock Market Investing and empower them to grow their wealth and build passive streams of income.

Our expertise about Value Investing is based on the timeless wisdom of legendary investors like Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, Peter Lynch and Philip Fisher as well as on 10+ years of private experience in stock market investing, stock picking and quantitative company analysis.

Our expertise about Financial Freedom reflects the approach that our founder has applied to his own life to build passive income through investing and a side business and therefore seperate money from working time.

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Recession Investing Basics

1. Stock Market Investing
2. Investment Portfolio
3. What is a Recession?
4. Types of Crises

Recession Investing Perspectives

5. Macro Investing Perspective
6. Value Investing Perspective

Practical Application of Recession Investing

7. Adjustments before a Recession
8. Adjustments during a Recession
9. Adjustments after a Recession
10. Chances and Risks of Contrary Investing