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What you will learn

Students will learn an investment strategy that is highly profitable.


Investors adopt many different approaches that offer little or no real prospect of long-term success and considerable chance of substantial economic loss. Many are not coherent investment programs at all but instead resemble speculation or outright gambling. Investors are frequently lured by the prospect of quick and easy gain and fall victim to the many fads of Wall Street.

Look at your portfolio and what do you see? You are losing. Am I right? How could I possibly know this? Because just buying and holding doesn’t work anymore as all compnaies are shrinking. However, even it today’s harsh economy we can still gain by a strategy, as it is presented in level 2, that offers tactics that one can use for his advantage while adhering to value-investment philosophy concepts.

Value investments mean the you as an investor can be informed of the precieved value of a firm based on its current status and gain from the precieved margin.

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My goals in writing this course are twofold.

In level 1 I identify many of the pitfalls that face investors. By highlighting where so many go wrong, I hope to help investors learn to avoid these losing strategies.

In level 2 I recommend one particular path for investors to follow.




Introduction – Part 1
Introduction – Part 2
Course Engagement

Where Most Investors Stumble

Investing Versus Speculation – Part 1
Investing Versus Speculation – Part 2
Investments and Speculations
The Differences between Successful and Unsuccessful Investors
Unsuccessful Investors and Their Costly Emotions – Part 1
Unsuccessful Investors and Their Costly Emotions – Part 2
The Nature of Wall Street Works Against Investors – Part 1
The Nature of Wall Street Works Against Investors – Part 2
Wall Street’s Short-Term Focus – Part 1
Wall Street’s Short-Term Focus – Part 2
Bonus Lecture: Next Course