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You may think that speedreading isn’t an important aspect of a successful life, and we can prove you wrong here.

What you will learn

Why can’t you read faster?

Speed Reading Myths

Techniques to read 3 times faster


By finding this course you have opened a new window of opportunities. This course is about speedreading, so it is safe to say that you are going to save lots of time by learning it. Firstly let’s get to know how speedreading can benefit you in real life.

So, speedreading is an ability read 3, 5 or even 10 times faster than our normal reading speed. Even though some people can read really fast naturally, most of us can’t, and this course is here to fix that.

Together, you an I, we are going to find out how speedreading actually works (and oh there is a thing or two to learn about that) and how to read faster that normal. We are going to learn quite a lot of theory and even more of the practice.

By practicing exercises described in the course, your reading speed will go up 3 times faster after you’ll get the hang of it. It will become a second nature and from one point on speedreading will become natural to you.

And if you think that speedreading is a load of steamy something, let this course prove you wrong! It is possible and a lot of people use it for the better good of their lives.

Watching a movie is presumably fast and non-energy-consuming, but when we get to reading, oh boy. We’re getting distracted, bored and thinking that finishing this book that we’re reading will take forever. Well, no more of that. Make your reading experience into your movie watching experience. Sort of. Imagine reading book takes just as much time as watching a movie? Sounds already fascinating.

We got to stop babbling about speedreading and start learning to make our lives better. See you in the course!





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