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Finally … an easy, simple Growth Hacking method to boost your audience

What you will learn

A very simple and easy method how to do Growth Hacking

How to win new customers, clients, users or fans for your project or business

Just 3 components of my method case for your own growth hacks

If you learn this method you can build your own growth hacks right away


  • Do you want to be able to attract many new users, customers, clients or fans to your project like a magnet?
  • Are you desperately looking for a course that teaches you the Growth Hacking method quickly and easily?
  • Tired of watching more YouTube videos and still not knowing how to make good growth hacks yourself?
  • Do you want to do a course where you can do your own growth hacks right away?

If any of these apply to you, then this course is for you!

Growth hacking is a method to quickly and cost-effectively attract many new customers, users or fans for your own project or business.

This course teaches you the individual tools of Growth Hacking in a very simple and understandable way. It gives you all tools you need to massively increase your reach and develop it individually for your needs. You will get a compact framework with all the necessary tools from me to be able to develop countless growth hacks yourself.

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In this course you will learn everything from the beginnings of Growth Hacking to the practical implementation. At the end of the course you will know how to develop your own growth hacks and how easy and how much fun it is to work with the different tools in my method case.

The compilation of the course is based on the literature of the creators of Growth Hacking and provides step-by-step instructions on how to use growth hacks in practice. At the end of the course, a practical example is used to show how growth hacks can also be developed in a larger team. The main focus of this course is that you can develop your own growth hacks on your own.

You don’t need another book with the 1000 best growth hacks, all you need to be able to do Growth Hacking is to attend this course and use your creativity and inventiveness and I guarantee you will find the best growth hacks for your project. I would be very happy if you notify me of your growth hacks after completing the course.

5 reasons why you should attend this course:

  • a very simple and easy method
  • immediate implementation of your Growth Hacks after the end of the course
  • 10 x more sales, traffic, or visitors for your project
  • different motivating training videos
  • my practical experience as a department head of Growth Hacking and Start-up founder

P.S.: It’s time. Now you have the chance to change something and increase your traffic or sales. Visit the course and create sustainable success.



Origin and meaning of the term Growth Hacking
What the heck is Growth Hacking?
The most important prerequisites for doing Growth Hacking
Growth Hacking Framework
The Growth Hacking Framework
The Organic Container
The Viral/Word of Mouth Container
The Paid Container
The framework and the three containers with its tools
Practical Part
Practical Example
Your knowledge from the practical example
Prioritization of the Channels
Choosing the right channel
Practical Implementation