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Learn basics of Python’s Turtle Library by making Snake Game

What you will learn

You’ll learn about Turtle Library.

Use Python to create simple games.

Use Object Oriented Programming in game development.

Project to add in your resume


Python’s turtle library provides you with the basic graphics to start your journey in Python GUI and Game Development. In this short course, we’re going to use Python’s turtle library to create a beautiful snake game.

This course is not just about making the game but also makes you understand the concepts and teach you problem-solving skills.

By the end of this course, you’ll create the Snake Game and I’ll be there if you face any problems in between.

We’ll take you step-by-step through engaging video tutorials and teach you everything that you need to complete this project.

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Why is this course recorded in Hindi ?

While in college I know a lot of students who were capable enough to learn to program but the only problem they faced was the teachers used to teach in English instead of their native language. We recorded this course in Hindi so they can learn to program faster and take their time to get familiar with English in the mean time.




Introduction to the Course
What you need ?

Snake Game

Creating Snake
Moving Snake
Solving problem with moving Snake
Moving to different directions
Creating food
Eating food
Creating the Scoreboard
Game Over – Hitting the wall
Growing Snake’s Size
Game Over – Biting itself
Optimizing the Code
Source Code


It’s just starting –