Qlik sense reports for finance departments

What you will learn

Managing Qlik Sense ETL for complex projects

Build finance reports in Qlik Sense

Prepare finance indicators in Qlik Sense

Plan complex Qlik reports


Hello! I am Nikita Potapov , I am certified QlikView and Qlik Sense architector  with a 9 years experience. In Qlik Finance course you will learn how to apply three layers architercture to your projects, we create ETL from Aventure works data warehouse and build P&L report: first with basic account dimensions and than with the complex measures. Also we play with styling of the report using the qliquid table.

I recommend that cource for developers and consulant:

1.  With more than 6 monthes experience of scripting to fully apply concept you will learn.

2. Who understand how data modeling works in Qlik Sense

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3. Anyone with high motivation, who wants to up their Qlik skills and don’t scare of advanced things.

We use some advanced scripting functions, so you can learn about them in Qlik documentation and play with them apart from the course. This is part 2 of the course.  Please, finish part 1, before sign up.

You need to have Qlik Sense Desktop, Qlik Sense Entreprise or Qlik Cloud installed. In the course I use  Qlik Sense Desktop, but you can use it in any system even in QlikView.

I am super excited to see you on the course.



P&L with complex indicators

How to build complex P&L
P&L template and key generator
Implement key script
Finish P&L template

P&L with calculated indicators

Mofidy excel template
Finish P&L measures

Prepare dimension

Organization, scenario and department table

Finishing P&L styling

Measures and formating
Finish styling