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Get a basic understanding of how options might be used in a host of financial situations

What you will learn

A beginners explanation of what options are and how they work

Some of the MANY uses of options in a persons financial world

How to use options to buy stock at a discount and sell at a premium

How to use options to protect assets in an investment account


Why should YOU know more about options trading? Options are the “Swiss Army Knife” of the investing world and in my FREE introductory class I will not only share with you what are options and provide a simple explanation of how they work but will also share how they might be used to:

* Trade very SMALL accounts

* To provide insurance on your long term investment or retirement accounts

* To get monthly “dividend style income” from non-dividend stock with NO additional risk

* To trade 100 shares of stock like Apple for hundreds as opposed to tens of thousands of dollars

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* To improve your stock entry and exit prices by a few $’s on each side of trade.
* To trade delta neutral as a method of generating monthly income.

* To set up a trade to cover almost any market condition and direction that a trader might envision.

I have traded stock and options for 30+ years as well as taught thousands in live classes and through options trading channels like SJGTrades, Aeromir, OptionStrat and others.

If you want to explore further and see if there is a place for options in your trading and investing plan, sign up for my FREE introductory session below!




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