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Unleashing the Power of Statistical Discovery and Visualization

What you will learn

Learners will be able to navigate and utilize the various features and functions available in JMP software effectively.

Learners will gain a thorough understanding of data analysis techniques and how to apply them using JMP software.

Learners will be able to interpret and visualize data using graphs, charts, and other graphical representations within JMP software.

Learners will develop the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively present and communicate their findings and results using JMP software.

Learners will develop the skills to effectively analyze and interpret data using statistical modeling and predictive analytics tools in JMP software.


Hello. My name is Swapnil Saurav and I Welcome you to my comprehensive training course on JMP software! JMP is a powerful statistical analysis tool that provides users with the ability to explore and visualize data, create predictive models, and make data-driven decisions.

Throughout this training, you will learn how to utilize the various features and functions of JMP to analyze data from a wide range of industries and disciplines. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, this course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to leverage JMP effectively.

We will start by introducing you to the JMP interface, navigating the different menus and windows, and customizing your workspace to suit your needs. From there, we will delve into the various data import options available in JMP, including importing data from Excel, CSV files, and databases.

Next, we will explore the data manipulation capabilities of JMP, such as sorting, filtering, and transforming data. You will learn how to create and edit formulas, perform calculations, and identify missing values or outliers in your data.

Once you have a clean and organized dataset, we will move on to exploring and visualizing your data. You will discover how to create informative graphs, charts, and plots, as well as perform basic and advanced statistical analyses using JMP’s extensive library of statistical tools.

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Additionally, we will cover the basics of predictive modeling in JMP, including building and evaluating regression models, classification models, and decision trees. You will learn how to select the appropriate model, assess its quality, and interpret the results.

I have also included short module on statistics both descriptive and inferential types which will help you to understand the concepts behind the analytics and the models.

By the end of this training, you will have a strong foundation in using JMP software for data analysis and visualization. Whether you are a researcher, analyst, or decision-maker, the skills acquired in this course will enable you to unlock the full potential of your data and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

So let’s dive in and start exploring the incredible capabilities of JMP software!



Getting Started with JMP Software

Introduction to JMP Software
Going through the course structure
Installation of JMP Software
Other JMP Software

Data import and manipulation in JMP Software

Importing data from an Excel File
Importing data from a CSV File
Importing data from Google Sheets
Importing data from MYSQL Database
Cleaning the data imported into JMP
Navigating JMP Options

Introduction to Descriptive Statistics

Introduction to Statistics
Dataset and types of data
Componenets of Descriptive statistics
Understanding central tendency (Mean, Median, Mode)
Understanding Measure of Variability (Range, Variance, Standard Deviation)
Application of Measure of central tendency (Mean, Median, Mode)
Application of Measure of Variability (Range, Variance, Standard Deviation)
Application of Measure of Variability in Manufacturing – a discussion
Understanding different types of visuals
Understanding business applications of visualization
Understanding Frequency Table for Categorical values

Exploratory data analysis using JMP Software

Scatter Plot in JMP Software
Bar charts in JMP Software
Parallel Charts in JMP Software
Pie Chart in JMP Software
Heat map in JMP Software
Map Plot in JMP Software
Box Plot in JMP Software
Histogram in JMP Software
More Graphs in JMP Software – Bubble plot, Scatter plot 3D, Contour graph, Area

Performing Descriptive Statistics in JMP Software

Frequency Table for Categorical values using JMP
Plotting One Variable – Numeric and Categorical
Plotting Two variables – Numeric and Categorical
Tabulate Statistics
Assessing Normality

Performing Inferential Statistics in JMP Software

Performing sampling in JMP Software
Generating a Random data
Confidence Intervals for Population Proportions
Hypothesis Tests for Population Proportions
Calculating Z Score
Chi Squared Test for a Two-Way Table
t-Test and Z-Test for continuous variables
t-Test and ANOVA for categorical variables

Running Models

Introduction to Models
Linear Regression using JMP
Logistic Regression
Time Series
Text Explorer

Thank You

More Options in JMP Software
Thank You Video