3 easy steps mixing your own colors

What you will learn

How to mix natural earth tone

in oil, acrylics and other mediums

no previous knowledge necessary

for beginner and intermediate painters and artists


In this short session I will show you how easy it is to mix your own earth colors. All you will need is the three primary colors, and white as the additional color to make some modification to values.

It doesn’t matter what painting medium you prefer, oil, acrylics or something else, you’ll be able to use these mixtures.

There is no need to previous experience in painting or color mixing. It is a very simple, straightforward process, which can save you money. The less colors you need to buy and the more you can mix, the cheaper it will be for you to paint.

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The only important factor is to buy quality paints for your mixtures. Cheap but inferior quality paints will make it very difficult if not impossible to mix pure colors. Most of the time by mixing them you’d get muddy, brownish, greyish colors.

Viktoria is a classically trained artist, she studied art both in Europe and in the United States, in schools like the prestigious Art Students League of New York and the Ridgewood Art Institute. All you need is three basic colors red, blue and yellow, Viktoria will teach you the rest.

If you are interested in learning more about color mixing or painting in general, be sure to check out her other courses, as well.




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