This course is a very practical take at learning management

What you will learn

The learner would develop a different perspective of looking at management

The learner would be able to understand basic management concept in a different manner

The lessons would be very practical and examples are taken from real life incidents

Management lessons in this videos are slightly unconventional and are not like the old principles or rules of management


Welcome to our innovative course on “Learning Management from Family Business.” This course has been carefully crafted to empower you with the knowledge required to effectively learn management concepts from a family business, a unique and dynamic sector of the business world.

Family businesses are the backbone of many economies, contributing significantly to job creation and economic growth. However, managing a family business comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities. Our course aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of these intricacies, enabling you to navigate the complex landscape of family-owned enterprises successfully.

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What sets our course apart is its practical approach. Each chapter is designed not just to impart theoretical knowledge but to equip you with assignments that would trigger thinking and motivate you to learn more. At the end of each chapter, you will find assignments that allow you to put your learning into practice, ensuring that you not only grasp the concepts but also develop the skills necessary for effective family business management.

Whether you are part of an established family business or aspiring to start one, this course will provide you with the tools and strategies needed to foster growth, maintain harmony, and secure the legacy of your family business. Join us on this exciting journey towards becoming a good learner from the family business.



Chapter 1 – Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers
How do I explore?
How do I compare myself with my peers in MNC
Have you understood “Breaking Barriers”?

Opportunity Unimagined

How to know the logic of decision making?
How do I experiment in a Family Business?
How do I get into a new business?
Have you understood “Opportunity Unimagined”?

Winner’s Power

Take Feedback Positively
Failure’s a Teacher
Differencer’s Acceptance
Have you understood “Winner’s Power”?

The Uprising

Do on your own
Stay there – Stay put
Have you understood “The Uprising”?