Learn WordPress Gutenberg quickly, and easily create great-looking sites using patterns and templates.

What you will learn

Easily and quickly install WordPress

Choose WordPress configuration settings that set your site up for success

How to make good technical decisions for your website

Learn Gutenberg quickly, from beginner to very productive

Add more blocks to Gutenberg to achieve a lot more with your site

Create great-looking Gutenberg sites quickly with templates


Whether you’re brand new to WordPress, or already have some experience but would like to know more, this course is designed to help you:

  1. Install and configure WordPress quickly and easily
  2. Get very comfortable and productive with the Gutenberg (Block) Editor
  3. Create great-looking sites rapidly using patterns and templates

The Gutenberg editor is a central part of WordPress.Β  So if you work in WordPress at all, it’s important you’re comfortable and productive with Gutenberg, even if you don’t use it every day.

With in depth videos along with quizzes and resources, this course aims to make you very productive with Gutenberg, quickly.

Here’s an overview of the course:

Section 1 – Introduction

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  • A brief overview of this course, and a little about your instructor

Section 2 – Installing & Configuring Your Gutenberg Site

Here we talk through:

  • Options for installing WordPress (the easy way, the very easy way, or the hard way)
  • How to quickly configure WordPress with what IΒ consider the optimal settings

Section 3 – Create Great Sites in Gutenberg Quickly

Here we talk through in depth:

  • The Gutenberg interface, and how to use the default blocks to create great pages
  • How to install extra blocks and get much more productive with Gutenberg
  • How to use patterns to learn web design and creates sites quickly
  • Why using templates can save days, or even weeks of effort and have a great-looking site live very quickly

I truly hope this free course helps you get comfortable and very productive with WordPress and with the Gutenberg Editor, very quickly.




A brief welcome and overview of this course

Installing & Configuring Your Gutenberg Site

What you need to successfully set up and run your site
How to install and get your site live
Configuring your WordPress site for launch
Installing & launching your site – Section Quiz

Create Great Sites in Gutenberg Quickly

WordPress Gutenberg Fast-Start
Adding More Blocks
Using Gutenberg Templates
Gutenberg Quiz