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Create Ecommerce Store with PayPal Payment and Admin Panel in PHP MySQL Bootstrap and PDO

What you will learn

Learn to set up the right environment when getting started with coding

Build a complete authentication system

Learn to do advanced coding with hashing and un-hashing passwords

Warp your head around cool programming concepts like validations

Limit the user ability to access sensitive data by protecting it

Learn to deal with sessions and customize them based on your needs

Create a category system

Set up layers and layers of validations for various profiles on your web app

Create an admin panel and learn how it works under the hood from start to finish

How to integrate Ajax-JQuery with PHP and MySQL to create cool features in you web app

Learn to implement payment with PayPal and create a checkout system

Learn how to create a cart system and how to fully customize it

Learn file uploading and how to fully update and delete its bugs along the way of developing this web app


Are you ready for a treat? Ready for a fantastic journey with me? In this course, you will get to discover the infinite possibilities of PHP and MySQL. In this course, I will show you how to build an amazing e-commerce store from start to finish. After you complete this course, you should have something solid, awesome, and legit to show off on your CV.

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Here is what we are going to build. First of all, I am going to show you how to build a full authentication system with confirm password functionality and that’s after creating our config file. After that, we are going to deal with showing data of products and categories neatly on our website and we are going to create a shop page. Now to the cart system where we are going to implement inserting, updating, showing, and deleting products and that’s going to be done using Ajax-JQuery. And then to another hardcore part of this project and that is integrating Paypal inside our app. I am going to show you not to only integrate it but also to pay for your first product using it by setting up buyer and merchant accounts. We will see how these whole PayPal configurations work under the hood and before that, I am going to show how to place your first order by creating the checkout page. The last part of the user’s side is to allow the user to see his orders and update his data and I am going to show you how to do this securely. In the second part of this course, we are going to take care of the admin panel where I am going to show you how to deal with admins, categories, products, and orders. Of course, there are going to be a lot of details to talk about. So if you think this course is beneficial to you, go ahead and get it now. See you inside.






Installing Xampp
Installing VS Code

Getting Started with the Project

Design and Code for the Project
Creating Config File
Setting up our Project

Authentication System

Registering Users
Logging Users in
Checking and Validating Sessions

Implementing Categories and Products Systems

Shwoing Categories in Home Page
Showing Categories in Shop Page
Showing Products in Shop Page pt.1
Showing Products in Shop Page pt.2
Showing Products in Shop Page pt.3
Showing Details for Every Product
Showing Related Products

Implementing Cart

Adding Products to Cart pt.1
Adding Products to Cart pt.2
Displaying Products in Cart
Updating Cart pt.1
Updating Cart pt.2
Updating Cart pt.3
Deleting Products from Cart
Updating Total Price for Products
Updating Number of Products in Cart

Processing Payment with PayPal, Checkout and More

Checking out pt1
Checking out pt.2
Checking out pt.3
Processing Payment with PayPal pt.1
Processing Payment with PayPal pt.2
Adding Success Page
Validating Users Data pt.1
Validating Users Data pt.2
Displaying Transactions for every User
Updating User Data pt.1
Updating User Data pt.2

Getting Started with Admin Panel

Code and Design for Admin Panel
Logging Admins in pt.1
Logging Admins in pt.2
Validating Logging in Page
Creating New Admins
Displaying Admins
Displaying Stats in Index Page

Perfecting Categories (Admin Panel)

Showing Categories
Deleting Categories
Creating Categories
Updating Categories

Perfecting Products (Admin Panel)

Displaying Products
Changing Products availability
Creating Products
Deleteing Products
Deleting Images of Products and Categories

Perfecting Orders (Admin Panel)

Showing Orders
Updating Orders Status
Deleting Orders

Update: Enhancing and Validating our Project Further

Validating and Enhancing
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