Learning Adobe Spark from Scratch
Design, Edit and Publish

What you will learn

graphics design

adobe spark

video editing


web page design

presentation design


Adobe Spark is a web-based designing and editing application that lets you design graphics, edit videos and design web pages very easily. In this course, we are going to look at all the features that the tool provides to create different content.

In this course, we will be looking at how to design graphics using Adobe Spark Post followed by editing video in Adobe Spark Video and design web page using Adobe Spark Page. We will then look at sharing and importing options available.

First, we will start of the course by touring around Adobe Spark. Then we will be starting off with Adobe Spark Post to design our contents and see how we can work with different elements such as text, photos, icons, logos and so forth. Also, we will see how we can work with layers, colors, and various options for creating designs.

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We will then look at how we can edit videos using Adobe Spark Video and see how to work with different elements, such as text photo icon and video layout. We will also see how we can change around the themes and then work around with resizing of our video project. And then learn how to add in music narration and learn how to download out the video.

After that, we’ll be looking at Adobe Spark Page and see how we can go around and create a webpage and add in different contents, such as photo, text button, video, photo grid, glide show, split layout, and then work around with its themes, and then publish the website as well.

And then we’ll see how we can share and publish the projects that we created, and then wrap up the course with an example project. Hope that you will enjoy this course and utilize it to the fullest.




Introduction to Adobe Spark
Getting Started

Spark Post

Creating a New Spark Post Project
Spark Post Interface
Working with Text
Working with Photos
Working with Icons
Working with Logos
Layer Alignment and Grouping
Working with Templates
Design Variations
Working with Colors
Changing Layout
Resizing Layout
Adding Animations
Making and Utilizing Libraries
Downloading as Image or Video

Spark Video

Creating New Spark Video Project
Spark Video Interface
Working with Slides and Previewing Video
Slide Timing
Add Credits
Add Outro
Downloading Video

Spark Page

Creating New Spark Page Project
Spark Page Interface
Adding a Title
Adding a Background Photo
Split Layout
Preview and Present

Sharing and Publishing

Sharing and Collaborating Spark Post Projects
Sharing and Collaborating Spark Video Projects
Sharing and Collaborating Spark Page Projects
Publishing Projects

Branding and Wrap Up

Creating and Using Brands