Volodymyr Sosyura “I love”

What you will learn

Become familiar with a biography and poems of a famous Ukrainian writer Volodymyr Sosyura

Read, translate and analyze Volodymyr Sosyura’s poem “I love”

Become familiar with allusions, vocabulary, idioms, tone that are not easy to translate into another language

Use the vocabulary in daily life

Practice listening and speaking skills

Why take this course?

—**🌟 Explore the Heart of Ukraine with Poetry: Learn Ukrainian Through Poetry with Volodymyr Sosyura **

📖 **Why Poetry?**
Poetry is more than just a literary form; it’s a window into the soul of a nation. It captures the essence of emotions, culture, and history in a way that no other medium can. As you embark on your journey to learn Ukrainian, poetry will not only enhance your language skills but also immerse you in the deep cultural heritage of Ukraine.

**🏫 Course Overview:**
In this course, **Learn Ukrainian Through Poetry with Volodymyr Sosyura**, we will delve into the captivating world of Ukrainian poetry. We will explore the nuances of the language through the lens of one of Ukraine’s most esteemed poets, Volodymyr Sosyura. His poem “I love” will serve as our guide, offering a blend of accessible language and profound depth for learners at all levels.

**🖋️ The Poem & Its Author:**
Volodymyr Sosyura is a luminary in Ukrainian literature, known for his deep insights into human nature and his masterful use of language. His poem “I love” may not be the most famous, but it is no less beautiful or enlightening. It’s an ideal piece for learners to grasp the essence of Ukrainian poetry while expanding their vocabulary and understanding of idiomatic expressions.

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**🚀 What You Will Gain:**
– **Language Proficiency:** Improve your reading and writing skills in Ukrainian.
– **Cultural Insight:** Discover Ukraine’s rich cultural tapestry through its poetry.
– **Emotional Connection:** Feel the depth of human emotions as expressed in Sosyura’s works.
– **Critical Analysis:** Learn to appreciate and dissect the literary devices used by Sosyura.

**📚 Curriculum Highlights:**
– Weekly poems by Volodymyr Sosyura for analysis and practice.
– Engaging activities that reinforce vocabulary, grammar, and cultural understanding.
– Interactive discussions to explore the themes and messages in the poems.
– Audio recordings of poems read aloud by native speakers.
– Quizzes and exercises to test your comprehension and application of learned concepts.

**🎓 Who Is This Course For?**
This course is perfect for:
– Beginners looking to immerse themselves in the Ukrainian language and culture.
– Intermediate learners seeking to deepen their understanding of Ukrainian literature.
– Anyone with an appreciation for poetry and its role in language learning.

Join us on this poetic journey through Ukraine’s heart and soul. Sign up now to transform your Ukrainian language skills and gain a deeper cultural appreciation through the power of poetry. 🪫✨