Achieve Success through Goal setting and Lasting Change, following Tactics Proven to Accelearate the Cycle of Success

What you will learn

Strategies to implement change

Change Cycle

Success Cycle

Kubler-Ross Change Curve

Success criteria

9 Key motivators

Goal setting models

Force Field Analysis

Overcoming Resistors to change



Modelling for Success

Why take this course?

🌟 **Personal Success Strategy: Achieve Success through Goal Setting and Lasting Change** 🌟—

### What is Your BHAG?
Have you ever come across the term *Big Hairy Audacious Goal* (BHAG)? I certainly haven’t forgotten the impact this concept had on me during a training day. It was a game-changer that sparked my journey into coaching. πŸš€

### The Journey Beyond Comfort
As **Michael John Bobak** once said, “All progress takes place outside of the comfort zone.” True progress demands action, and to tackle a BHAG, you’ve got to break it down into manageable ‘elephant-sized’ chunks. 🐘

### Defining Success: Your Personal Vision
Many people aspire to be ‘successful’, but what does that truly mean? In this course, we delve into understanding your personal definition of success and the tools needed to reach it. We explore evidence-based practices, the insights of scientists, therapists, and thought leaders to empower you with a solid foundation for change and success.

### Course Highlights:
– **Effective Goal Setting**: Learn strategies that truly resonate with your aspirations.
– **Your Current Life Situation**: Understand how your present circumstances influence your goals.
– **Key Resistors & Motivators**: Identify what’s holding you back and what can propel you forward.
– **Risk Assessment**: Evaluate the potential challenges and navigate through them effectively.
– **Cycles of Change**: Grasp the patterns that lead to enduring success.
– **Reducing Resistance**: Techniques to overcome barriers on your path to success.
– **Your Personal ‘Forcefield’**: Construct a supportive environment for your goals.
– **Learning from Failure**: Embrace failure as a stepping stone to success.
– **Beliefs and States of Being**: Align your mindset with your objectives.
– **Habits**: Cultivate habits that will support your journey.
– **Real Life Examples**: Draw inspiration from stories of commitment and persistence.
– **Worksheets & Resources**: Practical tools to guide you through the process.
– **Templates for Goal Definition**: Start with clear, actionable objectives.

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### Engage with Learning Tools:
This course is packed with tutorial videos, worksheets, downloadable resources, and templatesβ€”all designed to facilitate your learning journey and support you in defining your goals. πŸ“š

### Risk-Free Investment:
With Udemy’s 30-day money-back guarantee, you can try this course with the assurance that your investment is secure. Dive into the course, and if you find it’s not for you within 30 days, Udemy will refund your purchaseβ€”no questions asked. πŸ’°

### Who Should Take This Course?
This course is ideal for you if:
– You’re struggling to achieve the results you desire in life.
– You feel like you’re not living up to your full potential.
– You’ve tried various goal setting models without success.
– You sense there’s a path you should be on but can’t quite grasp what it is.
– You’re eager to understand the modelling of success and value in life.

**Take the leap today!** Embrace the challenge and transform your aspirations into reality. Your journey to personal success starts now. πŸš€

Good Luck,
Symon Stephenscourse instructor for “Personal Success Strategy”