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Kubernetes with HELM: Kubernetes for Absolute Beginners CKA
Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) | GKE & CKA Deep Dive | Production grade K8s with HELM from Scratch

What you will learn

How to Administrator a K8s Cluster, DevOps Practice

Deploy Application on Local & Cloud Machine

How to Configure Storage on a Kubernetes Cluster like DevOps Pro

How to Configure Network on a K8s Cluster

Upgrade and Rollback Applications deployed on K8s


This course on Kubernetes Certification Suitable forย  Beginners was primarily designed with beginners in mind with Hands-On Labs.

You’ll learn a lot of DevOps Kubernetes workflow hands-on in this course.

This Kubernetes Administrator allows you to demonstrate that you have the skills necessary to build and manage Kubernetes environments. This course will provide you with the knowledge and hands-on experience that you will need to be a successful Kubernetes administrator in the real world and pass the CKA exam.

You learn faster and better when you learn by doing. With that in mind, this course has been designed to allow you to practice Kubernetes Orchestration through a 100% hands-on experience. Our Training Architects have hand-selected a set of the best Kubernetes hands-on labs we have to offer to accomplish this.

Everything in this course will be on one or more Linux servers provisioned with whatever is needed through our hands-on lab and Cloud platform.

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There’s no reason to wait; learn by doing today.

This course is a deep dive into the Kubernetes network model, the components involved, and how to deploy, manage and troubleshoot the cluster network.

Kubernetes is the de-facto standard for orchestrating containerized apps, and Google Kubernetes Engine is its most fully realized implementation. Join me in the comprehensive exploration of this much-in-demand technology in Google Kubernetes Engine Deep Dive.

Who this course is for:

  • Software Developers, DevOps Engineers, Application Developers, Software Test Engineers, IT admins, Managers, Executives, or Anyone interested in learning Docker Containers and Kubernetes



Course Introduction & RoadMap
Kubernetes Course Resources: Git Location

Get Started with Kubernetes

Kubernetes Introduction & Uses
Kubernetes Architecture
Orchestration Giants : Kubernetes vs Docker Swarm

Setting-Up Kubernetes on local

Kubernetes SetUp
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SetUp Kubernetes with MiniKube
Text Direction : SetUp Kubernetes with MiniKube

SetUp Kubernetes on AWS Cloud

Kops Introduction
Prepare AWS Environment for Kops
Text Direction : Prepare AWS Environment for Kops
Kubernetes Setup on AWS Cloud
Text Direction : Kubernetes SetUp on AWS Cloud
Build and Push Docker Custom Image
Run First Custom Image on Kubernetes Local
Text Direction : Run Custom Image on Local Kubernetes
Run Custom Image on AWS Kubernetes
Text Direction : Run Custom Image on AWS Kubernetes

SetUp Kubernetes on Google Cloud

SetUp Kubernetes on GCP Cloud
Text Direction : SetUp Kubernetes on GCP Cloud
Run Custom Image on GCP Kubernetes
Text Direction : Run Custom Image on GCP Kubernetes

Node Workflow, Replica Set & Deployment

Kubernetes Node Workflow
Scaling Pods in Kubernetes
Lab: Scaling Pods in Kubernetes with Replication Controller
Replica Set in Kubernetes
Deployment in Kubernetes
Lab : Deployment in Kubernetes

Access & Credential Management

Services in Kubernetes
Lab : Services in Kubernetes
Labels in Kubernetes
Lab : Labels in Kubernetes
Liveness(HealthCheck) of Application in Kubernetes
Demo Liveness(HealthCheck) of Application in Kubernetes
Readiness in Kubernetes & Application
Lifecycle Of Pods in Kubernetes
Secrets in Kubernetes
Lab Secrets in Kubernetes

Config Map and Internal Network Flow

Service Discovery using DNS
Lab : Service Discovery using DNS
ConfigMap in Kubernetes
Lab ConfigMap in Kubernetes
Ingress in Kubernetes
Lab Ingress in Kubernetes

Data Volume Management in Kubernetes

Volume in Kubernetes
EmptyDir Volume in Kubernetes
HostPath Volume in Kubernetes
Dynamic Volume Provisioning in Kubernetes
Dynamic Volume : Run WordPress On Kubernetes
Text Direction : Run WordPress On Kubernetes

PodPreset & Stateful Set

Pod Presets in Kubernets
Enable and Execute PodPrests in Kubernetes
StateFul Sets in Kubernetes
Deploy Cassandra In StateFul Set
DaemonSet In Kubernetes
Demo: DaemonSet In Kubernetes

SetUp AutoScaled High Availability Environment

AutoScaling in Kubernetes
Demo AutoScaling in Kubernetes
Commands : Demo AutoScaling in Kubernetes
Affinity in Kubernetes
Demo Affinity in Kubernetes

Resource Quota & Access Management

Architecture and Working Model Of Master Component
Manage Resource Quota in Kubernetes
Resource Quota in Kubernetes
Demo: Resource Quota in Kubernetes
User Management in Kubernetes
Role Base Access Control
Role Base Access Control Implementation

Node & Networking Management

Networking in Kubernetes
Node Management
Kubernetes In Production : High Availability
Demo : Kubernetes HA Deployment

Package & Deploy on Kubernetes : HELM

HELM : Introduction
Installing and Running HELM on Kubernetes
Text Direction : Installing and Running HELM on Kubernetes
Create & Deploy HELM Chart on Cluster
Text Direction : Create & Deploy HELM Chart on Cluster
Upload HELM Chart in S3 Bucket
Text Direction : Upload HELM Chart in S3 Bucket

Serverless Functions on Kubernetes

What is Serverless in Kubernetes
Kubeless Intro
Install Kubeless and Deploy Functions

Micro Services in Kubernetes

Introduction to Istio
Install Istio on Kubernetes
Text Direction : Install Istio on Kubernetes
Demo: Istio Enabled Application
Canary Deployments With Istio
Istio Retry Policy and Uses

Thank You All

Thanks All, Download the Certificate