Changing Careers. From Teacher to Video Editor 2 hours/day.
Pivoting careers learning 2 hours every day.

What you will learn

Plan and practice step-by-step instruction how from being a professional teacher to become a video editor

Identify what signs indicate that it is time to change careers

Estimate what steps to take to get through your career change smoothly and efficiently

Analyze what video editing course is better for you

Estimate what and how to study every day to develop necessary skills

Manage how to combine your teaching job and video editing courses effectively

Conclude when your knowledge is good enough to start working as a video editor.


This course is for everyone who has decided to change their careers.
There will be step-by-step instruction on how from being a professional ESLΒ teacher to become a video editor. The reason I made this decision is my career burnout. It took me three years to make up my mind and finally convert thoughts into actions.
In this course you will learn how to check if your motivation is good enough. Moreover, you will be able to make new adjustable schedule combining working and learning.
We will also focus on what to start with and why it is not mandatory to have a cutting edge computer for a kick-off.
How to find a course for beginners and who are the leaders in the video world.
How and what to study 2 hours every day to develop the necessary skills in video editing.
If one full-time job always better than two part-times.
Be ready to do home assignments. Fear not!
I have already been through this career transition, so I will show you everything with my own example. There is no doubt that this course will be helpful because if you are motivated enough, it will nudge you towards big changes. Thank you for your interest. I am glad that you are here.

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All right, let’s not waste our time and go exploring what is inside the course.




Why did I decide to change careers?
Why did I decide to become a video editor?


What signs indicate it is time to change careers?
Thoughts Observation.


Start small.
Don’t buy anything, except the course.
Picking up the course.
Make your own deadlines.


Easy to start, hard to master.
Stay flexible.
Still don’t buy anything.
Practice everywhere.
Pick up one and register.


One full time or two part times.
Timelines + Wishes + Useful Links.