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Learn the Basics of Light with explanatory conceptual videos of Types of Lens and Electricity

What you will learn

Concept of Light & its Properties

Light Reflection in Plane Mirror

What is Spherical Lenses?

Reflection of Light

Electricity Concept & its Discovery


Physics is the branch of science that deals with the structure of matter and how the fundamental constituents of the universe interact.

In physics Light and Electricity are the two important factors, they are very distinct from each other light is a wave and a particle (photon). Whereas electricity, it is a stream of electrons traveling along a wire, filament, etc.

Well, a lot of learners find it difficult to understand these concepts and their fundamentals. So we have designed a course on Light and Electricity to help you understand the concepts and know its various applications.

The content is prepared with great care by our Physics experts

This is a complete course as it involves a series of videos based on a variety of topics and concepts of light and electricity

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Each video includes theoretical explanation with real life examples. The course can be taken by any learner who has these two topics as a part of their curriculum or would like to learn about it. This will also help teachers who are willing to give the best quality education to students.

At the end of the course learners will not only understand the concept in depth but also will be able to improve their basics of the concepts and hence score good marks in your exams.

So join us on this course and make learning fun and easy.



Introduction to Light
Introduction to Light: Types & Properties
Prisms, Dispersion and Scattering of Light
Mirrors & Light
Reflection and Its Types | Laws of Reflection
Light Reflection in Plane Mirror
Light Reflection in Plane Mirror – Ray Diagram
Introduction to Spherical Mirror
Spherical Mirror
What is Refraction? | Refraction through Spherical Lens
Lens Formula and Magnification
Quiz Session
Basics of Light – Quiz
Reflection of Light – Quiz
Scalars – Quiz
Introduction to Electricity
Introduction to electricity | What is Electricity?
Discovery of Electricity | History of Electricity
Sources of Electricity