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Strength Gain, Endurance, Flexibility & Weight Loss

What you will learn

Kettlebell Workouts To Improve Strength & Conditioning

Endless KB Workout Variations

How To Use a KB Safely & Correctly


Kettlebells are used for explosive workouts that combine strength training, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility while strengthening your core and improving flexibility.

Their numerous benefits include .strength gain, endurance, flexibility and weight loss

Kettlebell workouts differ from workouts using machines or dumbbells (free weights) because when you train with a machine you are forced to move in a predetermined path.

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These workouts will highlight the benefits and the endless improvements you can make to your health when using them correctly coupled with expert coaching.

Learn from an expert experienced Personal Trainer in Simon King.



Kettlebell Workouts
How To Clean A KB
How To Snatch A KB
Kettlebell Workouts, Flows, Drills and Skills
Workout 1
Workout 2
Workout 3
Workout 4
Workout 5
Workout 6
Workout 7
Workout 8
Workout 9
Workout 10
Workout 11
Workout 12