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What you will learn

One of the most important goals is to help employees be the version of themselves. Bringing out their full potential is in everyone’s best interest. This course will give you some of my best questions for coaches to help others to be more creative, productive, and successful.


Complete Management Coaching Course – Executive Coaching
Management Coaching – Learn all Aspects of Coaching, Career Coaching and Executive Coaching – Master Coaching

Welcome to the world of the management coaching. It’s a $3 billion global business where the median rate for executive coaches is $500 an hour.

The news gets even better. You can be a management coach from where ever you are. I have worked with clients throughout North America, the UK, France, Switzerland, Germany, and Denmark. So can you. With technologies such as Zoom or Skype, your home office is your gateway to the world. Payments re made electronically, instantly, and easily.

Your business goals could be the same as mine: I work from where I want, with who I want, when I want, and how I want.

Leaders want to get better. The competition for great executive positions is getting tighter. Those who have greater insight, knowledge, and information have an important edge over others in their industry.

To be sure, your clients want to hear about your experiences, your knowledge, your beliefs and get your advice. But the best way to serve them is to help them reach their own conclusions about how to excel as a top executive. You do this by asking really smart, thoughtful, insightful, and challenging questions. I will give you some of the most results oriented questions that I’ve used with my clients. But don’t stop there. After your client answers your question, ask a probing follow up question. Encourage them to go even deeper.

Are you a business specialist? No problem. Your expertise in HR, technology, marketing, investor relations will serve to help specific clients see what’s possible in their careers.

Take me for example. I help clients who are smart, talented, and experienced but have a hard time communicating their ideas in certain business situations. That hurts their careers and the company’s bottom line. I give them the communications tools they need and the confidence to succeed.

General business help in invaluable, too. You see the bigger picture and help your clients make the right moves.

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What about you? We tend to take for granted what we know. Don’t make that assumption. Your knowledge, experience, success, and even your mistakes could prove to be a valuable resource for those that you serve.

Who are your potential clients? They could be individuals who know they need to get a leg up in order to get to the next step in their careers. You could get a portfolio of corporate clients who know that they have several members of their team who need your services. They may hire you on a monthly retainer basis.

There is no ceiling for your success as a management coach. Take this Management Coaching Course and see what’s possible for you. – Bob Berkowitz

Here is what Udemy students say about this course:

“Interesting and insightful course which will stir your creativity, self awareness and self criticism for personal growth. Bob Berkowitz delivers the contents in very engaging manner with clear and concise vocabulary and presentation. My suggestion would be to enrich the course with more practical examples and to create a story connecting the lectures involved in the course. I recommend this course so professionals who need to come out of their comfort zone and really immerse in self evaluation to became a better manager and to improve himself as well the people he/she manage/leads.” Miroslav Panevski

“Great content and really valuable questions to ask. Made me think a lot about my own company goals and what questions I’m currently not asking myself and my team.” David Pride

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Complete Management Coaching Course – Executive Coaching Promo Video
What would you do if you weren’t afraid to fail?
What if a hot shot took over my job?
How to be your own best coach
Can we truly change our behavior?
Don’t be a prisoner of perfectionism
What’s the one goal you could complete that would make your business better?
What are your three greatest achievements in business?
What would you sacrifice to achieve your goals:
What’s the one thing you can do to be better at anything?
What are you not paying attention to and what is it costing you?
Pay attention in your personal life
How did you become great and how could you mess it up?
What happens when the stuff hits the fan?
What advice would you give the ten year old version of you?
How to be better, smarter, and richer
Three reasons you are not reaching your goals
How overcoming obstacles can give the confidence to achieve anything
Great coaches teach the power of empathy
Great coaches to how to persuade anybody to do what’s important
The three most powerful words in persuasion.
How to help someone achieve the most important goal in their lives
It’s not what you say, it’s what they hear
Help your clients to be powerful communicators
Great coaches help clients to be effective listeners
Coach clients to use the power of their voice
How to help your clients feel successful
How to give a world class presentation
Tips on getting new coaching clients
Do you trust your people to work from home?
Time is your biggest enemy
Don’t be too much of a people pleaser

Helping clients ace job interviews

Outstanding tips for job interviews
How to succeed in a virtual job interview

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