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What you will learn

Basics of Marketing

Basics of Business Administration/Management

Basics of Finance

Basics of Hospitality and Tourism


This course is designed to teach anyone new to business with the basic understandings of the four fields of business (marketing, business administration/management, finance, and hospitality & tourism). The four sections of this course each pertain to one of the four area. In total this course has eighteen videos that total nearly an hour of covering some of the specifics of each field. We also have included over fifteen pages of in-depth information about distinct topics pertaining to a certain field. Then, at the end of each section, there is a short, five question quiz that makes sure that students have paid attention to the course content.





Introduction to Marketing


Basics of Economics

Marketing Information

Selling & Selling Strategies

SWOT and PEST Analysis

Channel Management

Marketing Notes

Marketing Quiz

Business Administration

Introduction to Business Administration

Business Law

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Types of Ownership

Professional Development

Business Ethics

Business Administration Notes

Business Administration Quiz


Basics of Finance


Retirement Plans

Finance Notes

Finance Quiz

Hospitality & Tourism

The Customer Service Mindset

Basics of Managing Hospitality-Oriented Businesses

Basics of Managing Business of Tourism

Hospitality and Tourism Notes

Hospitality and Tourism Quiz