Information & Communication Technology Skills Class-9 and 10 I.T.


Video no.2 udemy ICT SKILLS

1. What do you mean by ICT?

2. Write a few lines on computer hardware and software.

3. How to start a computer?

4. What basic functions are performed when a computer starts?

5. Write a few lines on Login, Logout and shutting down a computer.

6. Write a few lines on computer keyboard.

7. What do you know about Function Keys?

8. Write a few lines on the following:-

i) Control Key ii) Enter Key iii) Punctuation Keys

Iv) Navigation Keys v) Command Keys vi) Windows key

9. Write a few lines on computer mouse.

10. Write a few lines on the following functions performed by mouse:-

i) Roll over or Hover

Ii) Point and Click

Iii) Drag and Drop

Iv) Double-click

Video No.3 Udemy ICT Skills

1. What are the four basic file operations?

2. What do you mean by File and Folders?

3. How to create a File (Using a Text Editor in Ubuntu)?

4. How to create a Folder (in Ubuntu)?

5. Why is it important to take care of and maintain computers?

6. What are the basic tips or simple ways to take care of computers?

7. Write a note on the following :-

i) Cleaning of computers/mobiles

ii) Need to prepare a schedule for maintenance of computers

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iii) Backup of computer data on another device

iv) Scanning and cleaning viruses

v) Why computer performance goes down sometimes?

vi) How should we deal with SPAM?

Video No.4 Udemy ICT skills

1. What are the consequences if the information stored in the computer gets lost of leaked?

2. Write a note on computer security?

3. What are the ways in which the information stored in the computer can be lost or leaked?

4. Write a few lines about the various threats to computer.

5. Write a few lines on the following:

i) Virus ii) Worms iii)Trojan Horse iv) Online predator

v) Internet scams

Video No.5 Udemy ICT Skills

1. How we can protect our computer data from theft and virus?

2. Why we should use passwords to login to computer?

3. What we should install anti-virus and firewall in computer?

4. What is meant by encryption of data?

5. How we can recognize that the internet site is secure?






Meaning of ICT, various keys on computer, SPAM, Virus, protecting computer

ICT, computer hardware and software, various keys on keyboard,functions of mouse

Four basic file operations, creating file and folder, Backup data, SPAM, viruses

Computer security, ways of leaking or losing computer data, Virus, worms, trojan

Protecting computer data from theft and virus, encryption of data, secure sites