Part of the syllabus as defined in EU Reg 2019-947

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Operative procedures

Knowledge of the UAS




Privacy and Data Protection


Training Course with some questions and answers developed considering the EU Regulation 2019-947 – UAS_OPEN_020 that defines the syllabus related the obtaining of the OPEN A1-A3 qualification.

The OPEN A1-A3 qualification permits the use of UAS with a MTOM (maximum take of mass) below 900 grams in urban areas and 25 kg in not urban areas.

The limit of 900 grams is considered for UAS with C1 marking. The limit is 500 grams for UAS without C1 marking (time limit 2023).

Operations in not urban areas are related to operations developed at 150 meters from urban areas and 50 meters from crowds or groups.

To get the OPEN A1-A3 qualification, the student will have to perform an exam on a specific website developed by the National Civil Aviation Authority. The qualification is valid in the entire European Union.

In Italy, for example, is it possible to perform the exam paying 31 eur. The exam is composed by 40 questions and it takes 60 minutes.

The instructor, Eng. Fazio Michele, is owner of a Training Center recognized by Italian Civil Aviation Authority with ref. ENAC.CA.APR.043 and actually has an experience of more than 90000 minutes of practical activity and 2000 hrs of theoretical activity (in Italian language only). This experience should define him as one of the instructor with the highest number of hours of theoretical and practical training in Italy and probably in Europe.

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Air Safety


Aeronautical Regulation



General Knowledge of UAS

Privacy and Data Protection

Insurance and Security