Learn how to select a winning topic, design awesome content and record and edit engaging and professional lectures

What you will learn

How To Create A Online Course From Scratch

How To Market Their Course

How To Perfect Editing

What Platform To Use When Selling

How to Earn Money Course – Making


The demand for professional high-quality online courses is growing worldwide. People are looking for ways to learn new knowledge and acquire new skills on a huge variety of topics. Online courses are a perfect solution for that demand and are also an amazing opportunity for digital entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs that understand the value of digital products and are willing to harness the power of the web by becoming Online Teachers.

As an online teacher, you can basically monetize your skills, taking what you know and make it a product. Your digital product. A product that can be promoted 24 hours, 7 days a week to a huge market.


  • Select a GREAT topic for your next course
  • Quickly validate that there is a real market demand making sure your time and energy are invested in the right direction.
  • Generate ideas for the course overall framework and break it into sections and lectures
  • Create AWESOME content using multiple tools and a variety of delivery options
  • Build a home studio with a low budget to be used for recording professional videos
  • Record and edit videos using Camtasia Studio
  • Launch your course successfully and quickly build a solid social proof
  • Increase your income by building a sales funnel


This course is divided into seven easy to follow steps as I would like to follow the exact process that a typical teacher will experience while creating a new course from scratch. Let me know if you have any question before and after joining my course. See you inside and let’s get started with your first online course!





Course Introduction

A1 – List Your Skills

A2 – How To Learn A Skill To Teach

A3 – First Plan

A4 – Last Draft

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Will Your Idea Actually Sell?


B1 – Confidence

B2 – Software


C1 – Trimming

C2 – Additional Editing


D1 – Udemy

D2 – Skillshare



Advertising and Marketing

E1 – Free Advertising Methods

E2 – Paid Advertising

E3 – Affiliate Marketing Your Course