Have a professional and optimized YouTube channel starting from nothing

What you will learn

Set up a professional YouTube channel

Optimize their YouTube Channel for better organic rankings

Understand the differences between paid and free traffic

Create a solid video marketing strategy


When you take this course, we’ll start you from an idea that you want to do YouTube video marketing and we’ll end with you crafting a professional YouTube channel as well as a strategy for how you’ll use it. 

Boomy and Lara are both internet marketing professionals committed to helping guide you with videos demonstrating the best and the worst in YouTube. We wanted this to be a course that you could watch while you work on your own channel, so it may take longer then the hour of video content. You will also want to spend a few hours on your own doing the research and planning we teach.

Video is the hottest thing in internet marketing at the moment  (Forrester says, including video in an email leads to a whopping 200-300% increase in click-through rate.) It’s the best way to capture new leads into your sales funnel as well as build up your relationship with them. So sign up for this course and start publishing your own videos on your channel right away.




Welcome to YouTube Success for Newbies!

Introduction To The Course

Introduction To The YouTube Platform

Create a Content Schedule

Scheduled Releases

The Building Blocks to Success for Your Channel

Section Introduction

Video Description Section

Importance of Keyword Tagging

Channel Branding

Developing Your About Channel Content

Crafting The Right Title for Engagement

Optimizing Your Channel

Using The Right Tools

Driving Traffic to Your Channel Naturally (aka Organically)

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Introduction to Driving Traffic

Planning Your Strategy

Planning Your Strategy

Before You Begin

Getting Your Video Played

Section Introduction

Why People Play Videos

More Quick Tips

What People Want To See

The Really Boring Stuff

Paid Traffic

Section Introduction

Paid Traffic

Monitoring success

Monitoring Success

Wrapping Up and Moving Forward

In Conclusion

Bonus Lecture!

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