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How to get a good job with a visa and work permit in Thailand for Europeans, Indians, North Americans, Filipinos etc

What you will learn

How to get a professional job with a Work Permit in Thailand for foreigners from any background, including Europeans, North Americans, Indians, Filipinos etc

How to become an English Teacher or Nanny in Thailand for people without professional experience in major industries in Thailand

How to relocate to Thailand to undertake work here as a Digital Nomad

How to get the longest visa, avoid mistakes when job-seeking, secure the longest visa, adapt to Thailand and live long term here


Thailand is renowned throughout the world for its lush beaches, amazing food, cheap costs and friendly people. It is no wonder it attracts millions of foreign tourists to its shores each year. And there are also thousands of foreigners who visit the country and dream about what a permanent stay in the land of smiles might look like.

And that’s what I’m here to help you with.

In this course I go through in depth information on how to find work in Thailand, from entry level positions in teaching or nanny work, up to corporate high paying jobs for large multi-national companies.

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I provide this information based on my experiences of gaining employment here and working in multiple jobs, including customer service, digital nomad work, owning a bar and working for a large multi-national firm in Thailand for close to a decade now.

If you want to learn in depth knowledge on how to get a job in Thailand from a foreigner who has done so, while discovering tricks, tips and strategies to follow your dream of living in South East Asia then this is the course for you.

Because living here is the best decision I ever made in my life.

And one day it can be yours too.

Let me show you how.



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