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The Hawaiian Art of Forgiveness & A Practice of Mindfulness. A powerful meditative technique to shift your vibration.

What you will learn

The Hawaiian Art of Forgiveness and Practice of Mindfulness. This is a course like none other since it shows how Ho’oponopono works.

The course also has an additional module for Reiki Practitioners so that they can bring in the use of Ho’oponopono and merge it with their healing modality.

Explore the practice through the lens of the Tarot, Numerology, the Akashic Records, Psychology, and Science.

Practical Examples of the areas you can enrich your life in with the use of the practice in a totally common sense manner.

Combining Ho’oponopono with meditation practices from all over the world to make it a practice that you will stay with for the rest of your life.

This is a great course to bring mindfulness to your daily life so that you may better your relationships with yourself and others and let go of anxiety.


Ho’oponopono is the Hawaiian art of forgiveness. However, it is more than that. It is a practice of mindfulness that can bring us into balance with our environment and with the people in our lives. It helps create harmonious relationships. As a mindfulness tool, it is also excellent at resolving our Karma.

Ho’oponopono is the repetition of four statements in the same order –

“I am Sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you”.

These statements when practiced and repeated over time bring about great healing.

It is a practice as strong as Reiki and it does not need attunement. Citing explanations from the Tarot, the wisdom of the Akashic Records and past lives, Physics, Biology, and Psychology, I aim to explain how to use this powerful practice to shift your life.

I have also attempted to pair this modality with other healing modalities such as meditation, Emotional freedom tapping and Yoga mudras.

This is a course for you if:

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1. You find yourself anxious or worrying often. (Ho’oponopono is great for shifting your energy to go with the flow as will be explained using models from Psychology).

2. If you feel the need to mend relationships of any kind- romantic or platonic.

3. If you are holding on to anger and need to practice forgiveness.

4. If you want to clear your Karma and open up the doors to Manifestation.

5. If you feel the need to connect with your spiritual side and start a practice of meditation, which is quick, simple and do-able when life gets busy.

6.This meditation changes your life from a negative thought process to a positive one!!




Welcome to the Course.
The First Ho’oponopono Meditation of the Course.
Whoa!! How does that work? A Welcome to the Sceptic.

The Background of HoΓ³ponopono

The Huna Philosophy and it’s 7 Principles
The Three Selves
The Three Selves Explained via the Tarot Card – The Lovers.

What is Ho’oponopono?

Meaning Of the Word Ho’oponopono. Explaining The Concept via a Tarot Card.
What is the Void Or Zero or the Blue phase?
The Void illustrated via the use of the Tarot.
The Main precepts of Ho’oponopono.
Thank You!! Gratitude as a practice of self-care.

Connecting the Dots-How does this work?

Elementary Physics: The First Law of Thermodynamics & Ho’oponopono.
The Hawkins Model and Ho’oponopono
Basic Biology and Generational Healing
The Tarot & A Low Vibe Hack for Raising Vibration & Ho’oponopono
Stephen Covey’s Model and the objective of Ho’oponopono.
Ho’oponopono and the Butterfly Model
A Simplistic Coffee Cup Model!

What Ho’oponopono is not!

What Ho’oponopono is not!

Ho’oponopono and Other Healing Modalities

EFT combined with Hoi’oponopono
Ha Breathing and Ho’oponopono
Boundaries through Breathwork
Ho’oponopono as a Meditative Practice
Benefits of Meditation
Mudras Combined with Ho’oponopono
Ho’oponopono and Butterfly Tapping
Using Ho’oponopono to Bless & Consecrate spaces, people & situations.
Ho’oponopono and Reiki
Ho’oponopono as a Mantra Meditation
Ho’oponopono to create abundance
Chakra healing and Ho’oponopono

How and Why Does this work?

How does this work?
Certification of Completion of the Ho’oponopono Practitioners Workshop