Git started now with a hands-on guide to learning both Git and GitHub from an expert.

What you will learn

How to use Git to manage your project

How to collaborate with other developers using Git and Github

How to create commits

How to create Git branches and merge them

How to resolve merge conflicts in Git

How to manage pull-requests on Github

How to tag commits using both lightweight and annotated tags

How to create Github releases

How to use various Git commands in the command line


This course is going to give you a solid introduction to both Git and GitHub, all in the time it takes to watch a movie.

Note: This course is up-to-date and uses the newer commands (switch and restore) introduced in Git 2.23.

I’ve designed this course to make the most of your limited time by cutting out any unnecessary theory and diving right into using Git. The course is very hands-on and guides you through using Git and GitHub effectively. It supplements the video courses with quizzes to further solidify your knowledge.

In this course, we’ll use the terminal to:

  • create a Git repository
  • add commits
  • create branches
  • merge them
  • add tags
  • explore the history of your project
  • study individual commits
  • deal with merge conflicts
  • configure remotes
  • push to and pull from remotes

We’ll also use GitHub to:

  • create, review and merge pull-requests
  • create GitHub releases
  • browse through the code in different versions

And we’ll do all of this in just 2 hours! By the end of this course, you’ll be able to use Git for your day-to-day work with ease.

This course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. No questions asked. You have so much to gain and nothing to lose. So why wait?


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Gitting our hands dirty! – Studying Git basics


What is Git?

Git help pages

Create a new Git repository

Git status

Prepare for your first commit

Create your first commit

Add a second commit

Introducing the staging area

Making use of the staging area

Section 1 review

Studying our repository

Studying history using git-log

Studying an individual commit

Fun with diffs

Section 2 review

Branching and merging

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What’s the “master branch”?

Create your own branch

Studying the commit graph

Fast-forward merging

Create a merge commit

Dealing with merge conflicts

Section 3 review

Introducing GitHub

What is GitHub?

Authenticating with GitHub from Git

Pushing our local repository to GitHub

Creating a change on GitHub

Pull from GitHub

Section 4 review

GitHub Pull Requests

What are Pull Requests?

Branch Permissions

Creating a pull request

Merging the pull request

Section 5 review

Tagging commits

Introducing tagging

Lightweight tags

Annotated tags

GitHub releases

Section 6 review

Miscellaneous topics


Git config


Come and Git it! – Install Git on your Mac

Come and Git it! – Install Git on your PC

Overview of basic command line utilities

Wrapping up

Bonus Lecture: Thank you and I’ll see you around!