From Anxiety to Assurance: Your Guide to Confident Public Speaking

What you will learn

Refine Communication Skills: Learn effective verbal and nonverbal communication techniques for delivering powerful presentations.

Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety: Acquire strategies to confidently manage nervousness and deliver engaging speeches.

Craft Persuasive Messages: Develop the ability to structure and deliver compelling speeches that resonate with diverse audiences.

Improve Delivery with Feedback: Practice public speaking and receive targeted feedback to enhance delivery and presence.


Join “From Fears to Fluency: The Art of Public Speaking” to conquer stage fright and become a confident communicator. Led by an expert coach, Counsellor, and lecturer Rana Shehroze, this course offers practical strategies for beginners and seasoned speakers. Learn to craft compelling messages, manage anxiety, and deliver impactful speeches with ease. Dive into the psychology of public speaking fear, discover techniques to build confidence, and master vocal delivery and body language. Navigate impromptu speaking and Q&A sessions seamlessly. With personalized feedback, you’ll refine your skills and transform fear into fluency.

Basically from crafting persuasive messages to refining your delivery and handling challenging speaking scenarios, this course covers everything you need to become a fluent and dynamic speaker. Whether you’re preparing for a presentation, job interview, or public speaking event, you’ll gain the skills and confidence to excel in any speaking situation.

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Key topics include:

  • Understanding the psychology of public speaking anxiety.
  • Overcoming nervousness and building confidence on stage.
  • Structuring and organizing impactful speeches and presentations.
  • Mastering vocal delivery, body language, and other nonverbal communication cues.
  • Handling Q&A sessions, impromptu speaking, and unexpected challenges with ease.

Enroll now and unlock your potential as the dynamic and influential speaker you always wanted to be!



From Fears to Fluency: The Art of Public Speaking

Common Myths
Course Oview
What and Why Public Speaking?
Intro to Effective Delivery in Public Speaking
Mastering the Key Elements of High-Impact Delivery
Mastering Body Language Unlock the Secret to Confident Communication
Elevate Your Body Language: Practical Exercises for Effective Communication
Mastering Voice Modulation: Elevate Your Communication Skills
Building a Connection: Forge Genuine Relationships with Your Audience
Overcoming Delivery Challenges: Strategies for Confident Speaking
Real-World Examples: Learning from Masterful Speakers
Setting Personal Goals: Empowering Your Speaking Journey
Bonus Tips for Mastering Public Speaking

Congratulations on Completing the Course

Congratulations on Completing the Course