Start Your Entrepreneurial Journey With The Entrepreneurship Basics Course To Learn All The Ins & Outs Of Business Dev.

What you will learn

Introduction To Entrepreneurship.

Developing The Entrepreneurial Mindset.

Difference Between Entrepreneur And Entrepreneurship.

Globalization And Its Effects On Business.

Who Is An Entrepreneur?

Characteristics Of An Entrepreneur.

Why Choose Business Over Jobs?

How To Build A Business From Scratch?

Concept Of Red Ocean & Blue Ocean.

Identify Your Passion To Convert It Into Business.


Hello everyone! This is ‘Aaishwarya Chandra’ with a course named “Entrepreneurship: The Art Of Building You And Your Business”. I have always been wanting to come up with a course about entrepreneurship. You ask the reason? It is because there aren’t any subjects or institutions to be teaching this topic when this should be among the most important. The world needs more entrepreneurs, they’re the ones who are making the world a place for better mankind and the future. If I speak about how I got my interest into it then I’ll give its credit to geniuses like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Ratan Tata who have always inspired me to know how ideas are created into reality and how you can use your creation for the welfare of mankind. Earlier it was a sin if you choose entrepreneurship as a career or moreover being an entrepreneur was considered to be unemployed. But fortunately things have changed and I think soon will see a wave of entrepreneurs taking over the world for betterment. That would be a world where people will opt for education to get knowledge and actually educate themselves rather than daydreaming for a job at MAANG companies.

This will give exact details and knowledge which you need to know about entrepreneurship. I don’t guarantee that you’ll become a billionaire after this but I’m sure that you’ll learn how to make a successful startup. Rest it depends on you on how you make use of the knowledge. Now let’s get a brief about the course’s components.

PART 1: Entrepreneurship

I will guide you with a lecture on introduction to entrepreneurship to tell you how you should pursue entrepreneurship and then move on to guide you about how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, learning their approaches and also tell you the difference between entrepreneur and entrepreneurship. I have also included a lecture about explaining the effects of globalization on business.

PART 2: Entrepreneur

Different from the previous part entrepreneurship, here I will help you understand being the person ‘the entrepreneur’. I have included types of entrepreneurs, their functions, characteristics, etc. And to make it more understandable and interesting, there are two case studies for you to read on.

PART 3: Business Essentials

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This course has started with answering and explaining a very debatable question of the entrepreneurial world, “Why choose business over 9 to 5 jobs?”. And yes, this is the name of the lecture. We will introduce you to norms of business such as understanding the basics of a company, business social responsibilities, socio-cultural effects on business and other interactive lectures. There is also a case study on Amazon which is like a cherry on the cake.

PART 4: Exploring The World Of Business

For an exploring perspective, you’ll learn here important terms and concepts used in the world of business and entrepreneurship such as the concept of red ocean and blue ocean. We have a lecture about 11 fields to start a business which is not just a list but has explained every option with thorough explanation. The two courses in this are like the highlight of this part, which are “Identify Your Passion To Convert Into Business” and “5 Things That Rich Teach Rich Their Children But Poor And Middle Class Don’t”.

PART 5: Conclusion

I just never want to end this bonding with you. Whenever I write these lectures they aren’t mere writings but feel like I’m speaking directly into the eyes of you. It is simply seamless. Remembering from where it started and how fantastically its going is just what amazes me everytime to write such long notes. I’ll always be thankful to you for your valuable feedback and contributions. And as always, it is a warm outro and a goodbye with thanking you for staying till the end of this course.

So without waiting any further, enroll now and be prepared to launch your entrepreneurial journey now!



Introduction To The Course



Introduction To Entrepreneurship
Why Choose Business Over Stable 9-5 Jobs?
Approaches To Entrepreneurship
Developing The Entrepreneurial Mindset
Distinguish Between Entrepreneur And Entrepreneurship


Who Is An Entrepreneur?
Types Of Entrepreneurs
Functions Of An Entrepreneur
Characteristics Of An Entrepreneur
6 C’s Of Entrepreneurial Motivation
Entrepreneur Case Study _ Elon Musk

Business Essentials

The Entrepreneurial Journey
Business Cycle
Internal Factors That Affect A Business
External Factors That Affect A Business
Globalization And The Effect On Business
Case Study Of Amazon

Exploring The World Of Business

The Concept Of Red Ocean And Blue Ocean
11 Fields You Can Start Your Business In
How To Transit From Job To Business?
Identify Your Passion To Convert Into Business
5 Top Secrets Rich Teach Their Children That Poor & Middle Class Don’t


Course Conclusion