Learn all the fundamentals of Shopper Marketing. This is the free course covering crucial shopper marketing aspects

What you will learn

Differentiate between consumers and shopper mindset and be able to connect brand and shopper marketing.

Get to understand the importance of shopper marketing, Shopper Psychology, and understand the fundamentals of shopper marketing

Use insights from shopper trip missions and understand the concept of Path to Purchase

Have learned how to understand POSM, how to create the best performing POSM, and how to evaluate your POSM through different tools

Learn how to drive brand KPIs and portfolio activations in channels for business growth.


Oliver S. Pedersen’s Shopper Marketing Course on Udemy is a comprehensive and invaluable resource for anyone looking to excel in the dynamic world of shopper marketing. With over 7 years of experience in brand, trade, and shopper marketing, Oliver brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, making this course a must-have for professionals in the field.

This is the free version of the course: Shopper Marketing Mastery – the complete course. This free course begins with an introduction to shopper marketing, laying the groundwork for understanding its principles and importance in today’s competitive landscape. From there, Oliver delves into Shopper Psychology, exploring the intricate factors that drive consumer behavior and influence purchase decisions.

One of the course’s highlights is its coverage of the Path to Purchase, where learners gain insights into the various stages shoppers go through before making a buying decision. Understanding this journey is crucial for marketers seeking to optimize their strategies and capture consumer attention effectively.

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Oliver also provides fundamental guidance on Point of Sale Materials (POSM), offering best practices and strategies for creating impactful displays and promotions. Whether it’s in the off-trade, on-trade, or e-commerce channels, learners will discover how to leverage POSM to drive sales and enhance brand visibility across different retail environments.

Throughout the course, Oliver’s engaging teaching style and real-world examples make complex concepts easy to understand and apply. With practical insights and actionable tips, learners gain the skills and confidence needed to succeed in today’s ever-evolving retail landscape.

In conclusion, Oliver S. Pedersen’s Shopper Marketing Course on Udemy is a comprehensive guide that covers essential topics, equipping learners with the knowledge and tools to thrive in the competitive world of shopper marketing. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the field, this course offers valuable insights that will elevate your marketing strategies and drive success in the marketplace.




Introduction and welcome to this Free version on Shopper Marketing Fundamentals

Introduction to Shopper Marketing

What is Shopper Marketing?
Shopper Marketing vs. Consumer Marketing
The 4 main benefits of Shopper Marketing

Connecting Brand and Shopper marketing

Brand Pyramid and Retail as the missing link

Shopper Psychology

Introduction to Shopper Psychology
The subconscious mind
System 1 and System 2
Quiz on Shopper Psychology

The Moments of Truth

The Moments of Truth

Shopper Trip Missions

What is a shopper trip mission?
Shopper Trip missions
Channels and Shopper Trip missions

Shopper and Category

The importance of understanding the category
The 5 shopper category fundamentals
What is a shopper solution?

Path to Purchase Fundamentals

Modern off-trade Path to Purchase model
Coca Cola example Path to Purchase Modern Off-trade
On-trade Path to Purchase model
On-trade examples of Path to Purchase

The role of Packaging in Shopper Marketing

Examples of Packaging and their role in shopper marketing

Defining Point of Sale Materials and the importance of POSM

POSM definition
Introduction to the 4C Toolkit and how to use it
Evaluating Off-trade POSM using the 4C Toolkit
Evaluating On-trade POSM using the 4C Toolkit
The 4C Toolkit
POSM and placement in retail