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English Vocabulary Boost for Beginners
Learn vocabulary in different fields

What you will learn

Understand more English vocabulary that native speakers use.

Speak English with more confidence.

Produce the target vocabulary and phrases accurately.


You will learn main groups of words and will sound more like a native speaker when you speak English.

Start using these words in your everyday life by learning each phrase with my unique STEP TECHNIQUE.

1. PRACTICE STAGE: Listen to vocabulary recorded by native British English speakers and hear your target phrasal verbs in common contexts.

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2. SHADOWING STAGE: Shadow the native British English speakers and copy their intonation, speed and rhythm to sound more like a native speaker yourself.

3. MASTERY STAGE: Practice using the target language by using them in everyday life.




Holidays and Celebrations
Food and Meals
Clothes and Clothing Styles
City – People and Places
School – Places, People and Activities
Sports and Games