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Beginner Ukulele Lessons: Complete Guide To Playing Ukulele
Learn Ukulele in an easy to follow and creative way. Ukulele course that covers chords, songs, fingerstyle and exercises

What you will learn

A selection of songs (with extras attached as PDF’s)


A wide range of major & minor chords (with additional chord chart attached)

Ukulele anatomy

Playing technique


How to read chord boxes & tab

Picking Patterns

Strumming patterns

Thumb & index finger strumming technique

How to understand & develop timing

Finger exercises to improve overall technique

How to construct effective practice schedules


Welcome to this beginner Ukulele course. Learn Ukulele with lessons that start with the absolute basics, but quickly progress you towards becoming a confident and creative Ukulele player.

I love this instrument! It’s portable. Suitable for all ages. And some of the simplest chords only require 1 finger.

I believe you can build confidence quickly on the ukulele, without any previous musical experience.

Learning an instrument can seem like a daunting process for some students. But with over 20 years playing & teaching experience – and a focus on encouraging self-belief and creative expression, I aim to make this an enjoyable and rewarding journey for you.

In this course you will learn:

  • Ukulele anatomy & playing technique
  • Tuning
  • How to read chord boxes & tab
  • A wide range of major & minor chords
  • A selection of songs (with extra ones attached as PDF’s)
  • Ukulele Fingerstyle/Fingerpicking
  • Finger exercises to improve overall technique
  • How to understand & develop timing
  • Strumming patterns
  • How to construct effective practice schedules

Along the way, I will continually encourage you to create, experiment and discover your own – unique – creative voice.

PDF’s are attached to the class, to further assist your learning journey.

I love hearing from students and am available for any questions, so please reach out any time via Udemy or email.

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Getting Started With The Ukulele

Playing Technique
Chord Boxes & Tab

Strumming, Chords & Your First Song

First Chords
G Major & F Major
First Song

Exercises & Chord Development

Finger Exercise
Chord Development
Song: Three Little Birds

Timing & Rhythm

Strumming Development
Song: Stand By Me

Unlocking The Fretboard

Unlocking The Fretboard


Fingerpicking Technique
Song: Hallelujah


Practice Schedule
Final Thoughts