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Three very short courses applying ‘Sakshi’

What you will learn

How ‘Sakshi’ can help understand Economics

How ‘Sakshi’ can help with the Art Therapy process

How ‘Sakshi’ helps understand Covid

Some macro economics and policy stances

Some Art Therapy exercises


This is a very unusual course. I am using ‘Sakshi’ as a means of introducing topics within:

  • Economics (No need to have studied – or wanted to study – Economics before)
  • Art Therapy

The approach – and the references, film clips, stills, use of students’ artwork and overall approach is to give Economics students an idea of the other topics I cover – and the same for Art Therapy students.

  • Even though you may never have studied Economics (or wanted to!) the approach here is a bit different as this is ‘Sakshi and Economics’ rather than ‘just Economics’.
  • Much the same can be said for Art Therapy. You may have no interest in becoming an Art Therapist BUT the Art Therapy here is ‘Sakshi Art Therapy’ and so is about application.

So, if you have studied Economics: step outside your box and learn a bit about Art Therapy

So, if you have studied Art Therapy, step outside your box and learn a bit of Economics

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In short learn about Sakshi…

This is a SHORT course but still long enough to extend you a little and plenty of chances for you to apply (and then report back) what you have learned. There is great encouragement for you to post in Q/A and to comment on the posts of others.

A lot of Instructor – student interaction.




Introduction – Sakshieconomics
Ceteris Paribus
Ceteris Paribus – with examples…and questions
Ceteris Paribus and Mutatis Mutandis
Various Propositions

Sakshi and Art

Investing in Art – pt 1
Investing in Art – pt 2

Art Therapy

Art Therapy – pt 1
Art Therapy – pt 2
Where do Art Therapists work? – pt 1
Where do Art Therapists work? – pt 2
A career as an Art Therapists – a good idea? – pt 1
A career as an Art Therapist – a good idea? – pt 2
A career as an Art Therapist – a good idea? – pt 3
Elina and her emotions
The Art Therapy session – some tips
Two Blog posts


Seven Steps – pt 1
Seven Steps – pt 2
Seven Steps – pt 3