A High-Level Overview of Digital Marketing Topics Which Will Arm You With Everything You Need to be Successful!

What you will learn

Digital Marketing

Marketing Strategy

Determining Marketing Objectives

Building a Marketing Plan

Determining Marketing Budgets

Search Engine Optimization

PPC Management

Content Marketing

Digital Display Advertising

Video Marketing

Email Marketing

Online Reputation Management


Digital Marketing is more important to businesses than ever before, but the ideas and concepts continue to be complicated. This course breaks down most aspects of digital marketing into bite-sized, comprehensible pieces for you to understand more easily. As an entrepreneur, business owner, and marketer myself, I have sat where you’ve sat – knowing the potential in front of me, but unsure where to begin. As an agency owner, I’ve taken the years of experience, and thousands of campaigns that I’ve built, and pulled out the key lessons that will empower you to understand digital marketing better so that you are comfortable investing in it.

Section 1 – The Basics

Here you will learn all about the foundations of digital marketing, starting with the importance of building a plan. From there, we discuss marketing budgets, and then a dive into product details. We discuss SEO, Reputation Management, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and Video Marketing.

Section 2 – Driving Traffic

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Driving qualified traffic to your website is essential in generating profitable leads for your business. Here we will dive into Google Search Ads, Digital Display Advertising, and Social Media.

Section 3 – Measuring ROI

To pull it all together, you’ll want to ensure that your plan is actually working. We’ll talk about how to set up conversion tracking (for both online and offline sales), and discuss whether you should re-invest profits into your program to experience exponential growth. Lastly, we discuss the differences between hiring in-house marketing support, or whether outsourcing to an agency is the way to go.

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Creating a Marketing Plan

Why It’s Important to Create a Marketing Plan
Focus on Your Must-Have’s
Understand Where You Are Today
Marketing vs. Sales
Picture Success
Determine Your Objectives
Importance of Customer Personas

How to (Re)Invest In Marketing

Investment vs. Expense
Fill Your Tank With Fuel
Determining Your Marketing Budget Formulas
Understand Your Numbers
Reinvest vs. Cutting

SEO Basics

What Exactly Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
On-Page Optimizations
Off-Page Optimizations
How to Determine Your SEO Content Strategy
What are Backlinks?
What to Avoid in SEO
User Experience (UX) as an SEO Strategy

How to Harness & Get More Online Reviews

How Important Are Online Reviews for Your Business?
How To Respond to a Positive Review
How To Respond to a Negative Review
How To Gain More Positive Reviews

Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing?
How to Create Your Own Content Strategy
Quality vs. Quantity?
Your Most Effective Mediums
To Give Away Your Content or Charge For It? That’s the Question

Email Marketing

Your Opportunity with Email Marketing
How to Effectively Market Through Email Marketing
When Email Marketing Hurts Your Business & How to Avoid This
E-commerce vs. Brick and Mortar Stores

Video Marketing

The Power & Opportunity of Video Marketing
Play the Long Game
Types of Video Content to Create
Organic Video vs. Video Advertising

Google Advertising That Drives Traffic

What is Google Advertising?
Google Ads Campaign Strategy
Google Ads Campaign Strategy – Advanced
How Much Should You Invest?

Digital Display Advertising (Banner Advertising)

What is Digital Display Advertising?
Campaign Strategy
Geo-Targeting & Geo-Fencing
Re-Marketing & Re-Targeting
The Importance of Strong Creative

Social Media

Should You Even Invest Try Social Media?
If You’re Going To Do It, Do It Right
Creating a Social Strategy
Social Media Platforms Available to You
Expectations on Performance

Measuring Return-On-Investment

Defining Your “Conversion”
Conversion Tracking Through Google Analytics
Offline Conversion Tracking
Calculating ROI
Reinvest or Reallocate?

Do It Yourself or Hire an Agency?

When Do You Hire an Agency?
When Do You Build an Internal Team?
How to Get the Most Out of Your Internal Marketing Team