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Cost Managment (Control+Estimation+Project Study+Tendering)

What you will learn

Cost Definations and cost Elements

How to Prepare Study/Pricing Sheet

Cost Control Reports

Type Of Cost


During Study Of Cost Management Course We Will Understand Next Points :

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  • Concept Of Cost Management.
  • Difference Between Cost Control / Cost Estimation.
  • Most Important Definitions Of Cost.
  • Types Of Cost.
  • Cost Control Engineer Job Description.
  • Cost Estimation Engineer Job Description.
  • Project study Life Cycle
  • Project Life Cycle
  • Cost Elements
  • Labor Cost Definition
  • Labor Definition
  • Labor Cost Control
  • How To Achieve Full Labors Control
  • How To Build Labors Control Report
  • Materials Cost Definition
  • Materials Definition
  • Materials Cost Control
  • How To Achieve Full Materials Control
  • How To Build Materials Control Report
  • Materials Consumption Report
  • Coordination Between Departments For Materials Control
  • Materials Cost Control TemplateForms
  • Equipment Cost Definition
  • Assets Definition
  • Equipment Cost Control
  • How To Achieve Full Equipment Control
  • How To Build Equipment Control Report
  • Equipment Depression Report
  • Depression Types
  • Coordination Between Departments For Equipment Control
  • Equipment Cost Control Forms
  • Subcontractor Cost
  • Subcontractor Cost Definition
  • Subcon Definition
  • Subcontractor Cost Control
  • How To Achieve Full Subcon Control
  • How To Build Labors Subco Report
  • Petty Cash & Expenses
  • Small Tools Cost
  • Overseas Famous Types Of Cost
  • Direct Cost Definition
  • Indirect Cost Definition
  • How To Distribute Indirect Cost
  • Project Indirect Cost Vs Head office Indirect Cost
  • Overhead Cost
  • General Use Cost
  • Cost Accounts Definition
  • How To Build Study/Budgeting Report
  • Markup Definition
  • Profit Definition
  • Types Of Profit
  • Gross Profit vs Net Profit
  • How To Decide Profit %
  • Margin Definition
  • Pricing Of Activities
  • How To Distribute Indirect Cost
  • Estimation Of Activities Weight
  • Coordination Between Cost Control and study Engineer
  • Lesson Learned Definition
  • Final Project Report
  • Project Budget vs Budget Zero
  • Variances Between Actual and Budget


General Cost Managment Defination

General Definations-Part (01)
General Definations-Part(02)

Cost Elements

Labor Cost
Material Cost (Part-01)
Materal Cost (Part-02)
Subcontractor Cost
General Expenses & Petty Cash
Equipments &Assets
The Indirect Cost

Cost Reports

Cost Control Reports
Study Report/Price Estimation Report