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Java for Everyone

What you will learn

This course is specially designed for students and working professionals, who are willing to learn java to grab their dream job.

Core Java + Hand-On programming

A basic Project to make sure to have a check on your knowledge.

You will get full and proper guiding of do’s and dont’s as a beginner and will ace it in no extra efforts.


Course Description

Java is a class-based, object-oriented programming language that is designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible.

Basically, we will be learning Java from the very beginning to the advanced level along with hands-on programming.

This course consists of all the topics and chapters in a very well-organized manner and our videos are industry verified, which makes you industry-ready.

Java is considered an OOPs programming language, which means it uses Classes & Objects to run programs. You don’t know about classes & objects? No issues, we will cover everything inside our course.

Course Objective

This course is specially designed for students and working professionals, who are willing to learn java to grab their dream job.

Our Java course is industry verified, which means it meets all the requirements one should have about java, especially when they are looking for some career goals.

Our main objective is to make it a cakewalk for you.

Who can take this course?

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This course is for naΓ―ve programmers as well as pro coders. We have covered every single detail from very scratch to advance level. I guaranty that, this is one of the best courses you can ever purchase, and this is worth every penny.

Our course prices are so affordable that you even don’t need to ask your parents to buy this course for you, you yourself can buy this with your pocket money. And you will have lifetime access to our courses.

Prerequisite Knowledge

If you are having any prior knowledge, that will make this course a little bit easier and faster for you to learn. But you actually don’t have to have prior knowledge necessary for taking this course.

This course is designed in a very simple & precise way, that even a ten-year-old kid can take this course and become a super-coder.

Career Opportunities and Benefits

This course is almost like the lost key of your success, and as soon as you unlock this course, all gates of your success will get opened.

Here are some more reasons you should definitely choose Java:

  1. Java is easy to learn, and this is the best purpose to start learning it now.
  2. Java is Object Oriented Programming language, which is preferred by many IT companies.
  3. It is very much considered in Placements.
  4. For solving DSA problems, Java is the most favorable language, and a person with good command over DSA can get selected in Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, or some other similar companies.
  5. It is one of the best and Powerful development tools.


Introduction: What is Java
Setting up Environment
Hello world! Our very first program
History of Java: How it originated?
How to set Path
Features of Java
Data Types
Keywords & Naming Conventions
Practice makes us perfect
Control Statements
If else statement
Switch Statment
For Loop
While Loop
Do while Loop
Break & Continue
Practice: part 2
Java Object & Classes
OOPs concept
Method in Java
Constructor in Java
Static Keyword
This Keyword
Method Overloading
Method Overriding
Super Keyword
Instance Initializer
FInal Keyword
Dynamic Binding
Instance Operator
Practice of Array Problems
Object Cloning
Math class
Wrapper Class
Java Recurssion
Call by Value & Call by Referrence
Javadoc tool
Add-on Skills in Java
What is String
Immutale string
String Comparision
Methodhs of String class
Creating Immutable Class
toString Method
String tokenizer
String Methods
String: Contains()
String: Format()
String: getBytes()
String: getChars()
String: indexOf()
String: intern()
String: isEmpty()
String: Join()
String(): lastIndexOf()
String: length()
String: replace()
String: replaceAll()
String: split()
String: valueOf()
String: add-on()
Regex intro
Regex character classes
Regex Quantifiers
Regex Metacharacters
Exception Handling
Exceptions in Java
Exception Keywords
Try-catch block
Multiple catch block
Nested try
Finally block
Throw keyword
Exception Propogation
Throws keyword
Custom exceptions
Inner classes
Inner class
Member Inner class
Anonymous inner class
Local Inner class
Static Nested class
Nested Interface
Collections in Java
What is Collection?
Loop & Iterations on List
Sorting List
Method of LinkedList
Difference between Set & List
Iterating HashMap
Sorting HashMap
TreeMap and LinkedHashMap