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In-depth social media marketing strategy and management course for businesses. Turn subscribers into real customers!

What you will learn

How to build a social media promotion strategy for your project

How to conduct a competitive analysis

How to use analytic tools

How to correctly compose a portrait of your target audience

How to track sales using social media

How to make a content plan

How to promote content

How to work with influencers, communities for content seeding

How to manage your social media reputation

How to work with reviews and deal with negativity on social media


What is social media marketing and its role in modern society?

Social media marketing is the use and management of different social media platforms to promote your brand, products, and services. It is a great tool to communicate with your existing customers and reach new ones. Social media marketing helps you drive traffic to your website, increase sales, build engagement and customer loyalty.

The use of social media is a fast-growing global trend. According to statista. com, in 2020, the global social penetration rate reached 49 percent, with East Asia and North America having the highest penetration rate at 71 and 69 percent, respectively, followed by Northern Europe at 67 percent. 91,7% of marketers in the US are using social media to market their products and services.

Why should you choose this social marketing course for beginners?

So why should you choose us over other Social Media Marketing courses and training seminars? You will have the opportunity to learn social marketing from top internet marketing professionals:

● We are industry experts! We have over 12 years of experience in online marketing. Our agency has Google Premier Partner and Facebook Marketing Partner status.

● I’ve personally collected a vast amount of digital marketing qualifications and marketing certifications (Google Analytics Individual Qualification, Google Ads Individual Qualification, Bing Ads Accredited Professional, Search Ads360 Certified, and others).

● We’ve launched over 1,500 successful marketing strategies and marketing campaigns during our careers.

● We have over 9,000 digital marketing specialists enrolled in our online courses, and they all passed their Google Analytics and Google Ads digital marketing certifications.

● Our digital marketing courses are easy to understand.

● You will get a social marketing certification from Udemy upon completion of the course.

What’s in the course?

This SMM Strategy course provides valuable knowledge to those who are currently promoting a project on social media or thinking about doing so:

● Learn how to get more likes and subscribers

● Learn how to sell products through social networks

● Learn what has been effective for your competitors

● Learn how to promote content

● Learn how to work with opinion leaders and influencers

● Learn how to evaluate promotion results

● Learn how to manage your reputation online

Answers to these questions and many more are in our SMM course! Our course comes with valuable checklists, templates, and video tutorials!

This social media marketing strategy course for beginners will help you organize your promotion strategy, build content correctly, analyze your audience, and much more!

What tools will you learn to use?

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In this SMM Strategy course, you will learn the basics of how to use tools to help you build social media marketing strategy for businesses:

● Facebook Ads Manager

● Facebook Analytics

● SimilarWeb

● Alexa

● SEMrush

● Hypeauditor

● Social Blade

● Google Analytics

● URL Builder

● Bit. ly

● BuzzSumo

● SemanticForce

After this course, you will be able to:

● Grow your business using social media

● Improve your career by obtaining new social media marketing skills

● Start to work and get experience as a Social Media Manager as a freelancer

● Have a strategic approach to using social media

What else do you get?

  • Lifetime access to the course and its updates
  • Certificate from Udemy upon completion of the course
  • A free copy of the Chapter “Social Media Marketing” from my book “Cutting-Edge Digital Marketing”.

Should you be worried?

Sign up now! Every minute you wait can cost you leads and applications!

This course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Let’s start your social marketing journey today! Click the “Buy now” button to begin developing your project on social networks!



SMM strategy and why businesses need it? Which social networks should you choose

What is social media marketing? 7 key questions for creating an SMM strategy.
What social networks should your business be on?
Learn how to determine the volume of a Facebook audience

Social media analysis

Why conduct a competitive analysis?
Services for Facebook analysis: Fanpage Karma, Likealyzer, FB Analytics.
Analysis of Instagram pages: Hypeauditor, Mentor.io, Smartmetrics.
Services for Youtube analysis: Social blade.
Practice competitive analysis. How to fill out a strategy table.

How to measure results and analyze clients.

Why use social networks? Setting SMART goals. The SIM card method
How many applications have you received from social networks?
How to track the effectiveness of social networks?
Who is your target audience?

What to write on social networks? Content and content plan.

What content works? Competitive analysis.
What content is selling? PNP principle.
Video content and how to optimize it.
How to get three units of content from one video?
How to form a content plan

How to sell content on social media. Seeding content.

Promoting content organically. Working with influencers.
Working with communities and targeted advertising.

Social media reputation management and negative reviews

What do users write about you on social networks?
Review of the material.
Conclusions and results.