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Volume 1: Installation of Uipath Studio and Tutorial About the Software Architecture

What you will learn

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How to Install UiPath Studio and UiPath Studio Assistant on your Computer

How to Use the UiPath Studio Tool

How to Use the Different Types of Files and Projects.

How to Use the Different Types of Variables and Arguments in Each Automation File.

How to Understand and Use UiPath Studio Activity Types

How to Use UiPath Orchestrator and Cloud to store/modify/retrieve credential values ​​or other types of variables.

How to Learn to Debug Files to monitor automation in real time.

How to Learn to Handle Exceptions (Errors) and Take Action When They Happen.

How to Run Automations WITHOUT having UiPath Studio opened.

How to Find Information and Solve Problems Using the UiPath documentation and online forum.

How to Build Your First Automation Using Our Template File

How to Notify Yourself when there is any exception on the workflow automations.