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Complete Power BI Practical Masterclass in Just 210 Minutes
Learn Microsoft Power BI Desktop and Service Training Course, Hands-On Project, 50+ Learning Topics, Step-By-Step eBook

What you will learn

Jumpstart your Power BI journey from basics to advanced in just 210 minutes, gaining essential skills efficiently

Learn Power BI with a Practical customized project teaching you with 50+ Learning Topics

Master the art of building dynamic and interactive reports and dashboards using Power BI

Acquire the skill to connect and integrate data from various sources, enhancing your data analysis capabilities

Master the techniques to visualize data in a compelling and insightful manner, making information more accessible

Gain expertise in using Power Query for efficient data transformation, including cleaning, shaping, and merging data

Deepen your understanding of advanced data modeling concepts, empowering you to structure data for meaningful analysis

Master the application of DAX formulas to create sophisticated calculations and enhance your visualizations with dynamic insights

Understand the depth of M Language in Power BI

Learn to create 10+ visualizations, including bar charts, line graphs, basic cards, and advanced matrix and gauge visuals

Learn how to effectively Publish your Power BI project on the cloud

Create, Share and Update Custom Dashboard in Web and Mobile


I understand; Your Time is Valuable.

Therefore, to teach you Microsoft Power BI most effectively in the shortest time, I have specially designed this completely customized course, consisting of all the practical and essential Power BI learnings that you must know, and have covered it all in just 210 minutes. As the objective of this course is to make you a Power BI Master.

Moreover, as per multiple studies, practical hands-on learning is a superior and faster way to grasp any new topic.

Therefore, in this course too, to make you learn Power BI fast, you will be actively working on a complete Power BI project from very scratch, which would include installing Power BI desktop and then gradually reaching the very end. Through this hands-on, customized project, you’ll learn how to transform untapped data into meaningful and interactive visualizations, reports, and dashboards. I will provide every smallest step-by-step information that you will need; all you have to do is follow the process.

The course is designed to take you through multiple stages of the Power BI process, which are:

  1. Data Discovery
  2. Import Data
  3. Data Transformation
  4. Data Modeling and DAX
  5. Creating Visualizations & Reports
  6. Publishing using Power BI Service

But that’s not all! In this process, you will learn 50+ topics, including advanced ones like Data Modeling, DAX, M language, and more. By the end of this course, you will complete working on an entire Power BI project on your computer. And that too in just 210 minutes.

Not only that, in this course you will also receive a special 40+ Page Step-By-Step Project Guide eBook, which will serve as your Project Reference Guide and will assist you in completing the project at your own pace.

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So, are you excited to learn the magic of Power BI in an extensive, powerful, and still a time-saving manner?

Are you excited to grow your career and Power BI knowledge in just 210 minutes?

Join me now, and let’s begin the process of mastering Power BI from basic to advanced levels.

Once you complete the entire project and the course, I assure you that you will gain the required practical working knowledge of Power BI to confidently handle most of the Power BI projects that will come your way.

So, don’t wait another moment; enroll today and let’s get started!

See you in class!



Understand the Core of Power BI

Introduction To Power BI Masterclass
Power BI Course Objective & Commitment
Establish the Foundation: Power BI Basics
Explore Power BI’s Architecture and Process
Data Discovery: Navigate A Power BI Project
Power BI Masterclass Foundation Quiz

Power Query: Transform Data Step By Step

Ready, Set, Power BI: Install Power BI Desktop
Understand Data Basics & Load Data
Power Query Unraveled and Explained
Streamline Data Cleaning Process: Part 1
Streamline Data Cleaning Process: Part 2
Master Append Data in Power BI
Merge Data In Your Project
Shape-shift Data: Split, Clean, Trim
Shape-shift Data: Replace, Extract
Filter Fun: Power Up Your Data Filtering Skills
Leverage Adding Columns: Date, Duration Concepts
Leverage Adding Columns: Collumn from example
Craft Conditional Columns
Understand Custom Columns
Explore M Language Magic: A Deeper Dive

Dive into Data Modeling and DAX

Master Data Modeling Concepts & Application: Part 1
Master Data Modeling Concepts & Application: Part 2
DAX Demystified: Part 1
DAX Demystified: Part 2

Craft Visualizations & Create Reports

Grasping Visuals, Background & Textboxes
New Cards: Decode Project KPIs
Build Data Skyscrapers: Bar & Column Charts (Conditional Formatting)
Data Refinement: Power of Filters and Top N
Charting Timelines: Date Hierarchy Unveiled
Forecast Trends: Line Charts & Predictions
Explore Data Geographically: Map Magic
Donut & Pie Charts: Visualize Data Proportions
Implement Slicers Effectively
Interactive Reports: Elevate with Buttons
Add Flavor to Your Visuals: Area & Pie Charts
Data Meets Design: Card Creations
Unravel Complex Data: Matrix & Gauge Visuals
Navigate Data: Waterfall & Funnel Charts
Q&A: Where Data Questions Find Answers

Take Your Project Online With Power BI Service

Publish Power BI Project On the Cloud
Create Dashboard For Desktop & Mobile
Keep Your Dashboard Updated
Wraping Up The Power BI Journey & The Path Ahead