An Introduction to Digital Design Flow
An overview of various stages of the Digital Design Flow and a brief introduction to each of them

What you will learn

Digital Design flow: stages and role of each stage

Brief summary of each stage in front-end and back-end design

Understanding metal layer stacking

Identify stages where Static Timing Analysis is performed


Are you at University and want to make choices about your career in the semiconductor industry?
Are you looking to revisit the basic concepts just before a job interview for a digital design – related role?
Are you a project manager who is looking to have a quick overview of the digital design flow and decide on various dependencies ?

Look no further, because this course is designed just for YOU!!

In this course, you will learn about the various stages of the digital design flow and the dependencies between them. This course is time-effective and will provide you brief summaries of each of the stages, yet, comprehensive since it will cover most of the details that are required to get you started in whatever decisions you may have to take.

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In a mad-paced execution environment to tapeout chips to serve customers world-wide, it is quite common for professionals to overlook the importance of keeping their foundations strong and relevant. This course is a one stop platform to refresh/revise/revisit the core concepts of digital design if you are already in the semiconductor industry. This course is built with sensitivity to working professionals who want to explore other available job functions in the digital design process.

Looking forward to see you in the course!





Digital Design Overview

Digital Design Overview

Front-end design

Front-end design flow

Back-end design

Back-end design flow

Use of Static Timing Analysis in digital design flow

Where is STA used in the digital design flow?