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Public Relations: Generate Tons of Media Coverage through simple, easy-to-produce talking-head YouTube Videos

What you will learn

Creating numerous interview requests

Generating More Publicity

Building Thought Leadership

Creating evergreen content

Establishing name ID with Journalists

Developing on-camera interview skills


Public Relations. Imagine yourself appearing on major TV news network programs, regularly. You can become the media’s go-to person for your industry. Getting on major local, national and international TV news programs no longer has to be a dream for you and your organization. It can happen now.

You will learn half a dozen very specific techniques on how to get more mainstream media Public Relations coverage through the strategic use of simple, talking-head YouTube videos. You can increase your odds of getting on NBC, Fox News Channel, ABC and quoted in the New York Times by creating YouTube videos with PR hooks. These Public Relationstechniques are not expensive and can be done in less time than many bloggers spend creating posts.

Why wait another day? Why let others take national TV news interview slots that could be filled by you? Sign up for this course today so you can begin pitching yourself to the news media you care about the most.

There is a 100% Money-Back Guarantee for this Public Relations course. And the instructor also provides an enhanced guarantee.

What will students achieve or be able to do after taking this Public Relations course?

  • Creating numerous interview requests
  • Generating More Publicity
  • Building Thought Leadership
  • Creating evergreen content
  • Establishing name ID with Journalists
  • Developing on-camera interview skills

What to Udemy students say about this Public Relations course?

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“5 Stars! A+ – really good video essay on how to do PR and promotion through video, and TJ breaks down great methods based on real-world experience of how to use this very unique communication tool with clients, journalists, suppliers – anyone.” Jason C Braatz

“5 Stars! I must admit I didn’t know reporters would use online video or Skype recordings. Thanks for opening my eyes — and making the process look easy!” Dan Janal PRLEADS

“5 Stars! TJ has a vast array of courses and the ones that I have sampled/taken are consistently concise, effective and simple to follow. As a media agency owner I make it a point to take courses to stay fresh and more importantly – to learn new things that will help mine and my clients’ business. It is my opinion that if more business owners and/or marketing personnel took courses like this one…they would begin to see not only the evolution of their business, but also themselves.” Michael Lance-Maragakis

“5 Stars! This course gave me additional insight on the value of for PR. Another a great video training series full of tips to leverage video with PR. The overview video was solid providing several key points on how using video has numerous advantages for PR, Publicity and enhancing your own speaking career.” Doug Lehman

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