C Programming for Beginners
Beginner to PRO in C!

What you will learn

Discover the essence of C and its applications.

Grasp essential concepts like variables, data types, and operators.

Learn how to work with arrays, strings, and manipulate data.

Master loops (while, for, do-while) and switch statements.


Are you ready to embark on a journey into the world of programming? Welcome to “C Programming for Beginners”, a comprehensive course designed to introduce you to the foundational principles of C programming. Whether you’re new to coding or have some experience, this course is your gateway to mastering C, a versatile and powerful language known for its efficiency and use in system programming, embedded systems, and more.

C is the mother of all programming languages. It’s the foundation of modern computing and a crucial skill for programmers. From operating systems to embedded systems, C programming is in high demand and opens doors to various career paths.

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This course is tailored for absolute beginners with little to no prior programming experience. It’s also suitable for those who may have touched on C programming but want to build a strong foundational understanding. No matter your background, if you’re curious, eager to learn, and looking to unlock the power of programming in C, this course is for you.

Throughout the course, you’ll experience a hands-on approach to learning. You’ll tackle coding exercises, quizzes, and practical examples. Your journey will culminate in a capstone project, allowing you to apply your knowledge and create a real-world application or game.



Introduction to C Programming

About Us
What is C Programming?
Setting up a C Development Environment
Your First C Program
Summarized Reading Material
Section 1 Quiz

C Programming Basics

Variables, Data Types, and Operators
Input and Output in C
Control Flow and Conditional Statements
Summarized Reading Material
Section 2 Quiz

Functions and Libraries

Understanding Functions
Standard Input/Output Library (stdio.h)
Math Library and Common Functions
Summarized Reading Material
Section 3 Quiz

Arrays and Pointers

Introduction to Arrays
Working with Arrays and Strings
Pointers and Memory Management
Summarized Reading Material
Section 4 Quiz

Control Structures in C

Loops (while, for, do-while)
Switch Statements
Break and Continue Statements
Summarized Reading Material
Section 5 Quiz

User-Defined Data Types

Structures in C
Unions and Enums
Typedef and Type Conversion
Summarized Reading Material
Section 6 Quiz

File Handling in C

Working with Files in C
File I/O Operations
Error Handling and File Pointers
Summarized Reading Material
Section 7 Quiz

Memory Allocation and Dynamic Data Structures

Memory Allocation Functions (malloc, calloc, realloc, free)
Linked Lists
Stacks and Queues
Summarized Reading Material
Section 8 Quiz

C Programming Best Practices

Coding Standards and Style Guidelines
Debugging Techniques
Effective Documentation and Comments
Summarized Reading Material
Section 9 Quiz