English language course for professionals: Learn English communication, speaking and writing with real business examples

What you will learn

Key phrasal verbs in Business English

Important idioms used in Business English

Valuable business vocabulary to communicate effectively

Great expressions to use in your workplace

Why take this course?

BUSINESS ENGLISH MASTERY focuses on the essential knowledge you need for superior communication at your workplace.

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This is an ESL course designed for motivated and ambitious learners of business English who want to improve their English language skills and speak English professionally at work.


  • This course will guide you through key vocabulary used in Business English
  • You will learn to use important idioms used on a daily basis by native speakers in the UK, the US and other English-speaking countries
  • Whether you want to improve your English language skills for your current job or you are looking for a new job that requires Business English, this course will be of incredible value to you
  • This course focuses on examples from the United Kingdom
  • This course is taught by a Business English trainer with over 20 years of experience teaching at Google, Vodafone, Cisco Systems, Facebook and many more of the largest multinationals in the world
  • It will take around three hours to complete this course including video lessons and exercises
  • You will learn about phrasal verbs used in Business English and understand how to use them in your conversations
  • The detailed lectures with tips and examples will improve your communication skills in a variety of professional scenarios in English speaking countries.