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Exploring Business Organisations and Information Systems
Introduction to Information Systems

What you will learn

Define a business organisation

Identify the inputs and outputs by the organisations

Identify the different types of organisational structures

Define organisational culture and policy

Understand the environment within each organisation

Define a business process

Distinguish between open and closed systems

Define a computer-based information system

Identify the components of a computer information system


In the ever-evolving landscape of business and technology, information systems are the backbone of success. This course offers a comprehensive exploration of the fundamental principles that drive business organizations and information systems. It equips you with essential knowledge and skills to excel in the digital age.

Course Content:

  1. Business Organizations and Types of Industries: Begin by unraveling the essence of a business organization. Understand the inputs, outputs, and get acquainted with the diverse array of industries shaping the global economy.
  2. Organizational Structures, Politics, Culture, and Environments: Dive deep into the intricacies of organizations. Learn about different structures, the dynamics of organizational politics, the power of culture, and how environments impact decision-making and growth.
  3. Business Processes: Explore the heart of business operations. Grasp the concept of a business process, its critical role in daily functions, and how routines shape efficiency and effectiveness.
  4. Computer-based Information Systems: Enter the world of technology and information systems. Familiarize yourself with key terminology, understand what an information system is, and appreciate the organizational, management, and technological dimensions of these systems.

Enrich your understanding, collaborate with peers, and embrace the digital future. Join us on this journey to shape the future of business and technology.

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Target Audience:

This course is suitable for both beginners looking to grasp the basics of information systems and professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge in this critical field.





Business Organisations and Types of Industries

Defining a business organisation & the inputs and outputs
Types of Industries

Organisational Structures, Politics, Culture and Environments

Organisational Structures
Organisational Politics
Organisational Environments
Organisational Culture

Business Processes

Defining a business process
Business Processes
Typical functional areas and their business processes
Routines and business processes

Computer-based Information Systems

Defining a system & main terminology
Defining an information system
Information workers and Attributes of Information
Defining Information overload
Information in business systems
Computer-based Information Systems
Understanding the dimensions of Information Systems
The Organisational Dimension
The Management Dimension
The Technology Dimension