Basics of Computer Complete Guide for Beginners 2023
Basic computer course, Basic computer, Programming Language, JAVA, C, C++, Basic Window XP & Vista, Basic Window 10 &11

What you will learn

Have a basic understanding of Computer Science

Input and Output Devices

Computer Hardware and Software

Operating System

Programming languages

Types of Programming Languages

C Language

JAVA Language

C++ Language

Windows XP, Vista,

Window 10 and 11


In this course, the student will learn the basics of computer science.

This course includes a video lecture

The Main Topic Of This Course Include:

  • Introduction to Computer Science
  • What is Computer
  • Basics of ICT
  • Introduction to Computer Languages
  • Input & Output Devices
  • Hardware & Software
  • Programming Languages
  • Operating System
  • Window XP, Vista
  • Window 10 and 11

Importance Of Computer Science In Modern Life:

Computers make people’s lives easier and more comfortable they provide opportunities for staying in touch with billions of people who may very well be in different parts of the world.

Today people can drive computerized cars and work for employers from other countries without even seeing them.

Computer science can provide us with some life-saving tools and work.

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The computer has a lot of features.

The computer has become very important nowadays because it is very much accurate, fast and can accomplish many tasks easily.

Otherwise to complete those tasks manually much more time is required.

It can do very big calculations in just a fraction of a second.

Moreover, it can store a huge amount of data in it.

This course can be given as a gift to a loved one to help them get comfortable with their PC. The course starts out by actually showing how to best use the course and gives examples of how to navigate the course and download the supplemental materials that go along with the course.

This course is for everyone who knows about computers.





Basics of Computer Science

Types of Computer.
Personal Computer
Generation of Computer

Computer Hardware and Software

Computer Hardware
Computer Software

Input and Output Devices

Input Devices
Output Devices

Basics of ICT

Information and communication technology
Basic concept of ICT
Role of ICT in society

Introduction To Computer Languages

What is Computer Languages or Programming Languages?
Types of Programming Languages
Basics of C Language
Basics of Java Language
C++ Language

Operating System

What is OS?
Types of OS
Functions of OS
Commonly Used Operating System

Computer Networks

Introduction to Computer Networks
Types of Computer Networks
Network Topologies


Window XP
Window Vista
Window 7
Window 10
Window 11