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Learn Power Pivot, Pivot Tables, Pivot charts and more

What you will learn

Business Intelligence in Excel

Advanced Excel Applications

Advanced Data Visualisation in Excel

Creating Dashboards in Excel

Power Query in Excel

Power Pivot in Excel

Pivot Charts and Tables in Excel

What-if-analysis, solver and forecasting using Excel

Data Analysis using Excel


The course – Microsoft Excel for Data Visualisation and Data Analysis- is designed to teachΒ  excel applications for business intelligence, data visualisation and data analysis to prospective business intelligence analysts, business analysts and those who want to learn how to conduct business intelligence analysis and data analysis in Excel. The course covers all the key business intelligence, data visualisation and data analysis tools that Excel has to offer. And these tools are taught using practical, hands on demonstrations using sample data in Excel. Students will not only learn advanced Excel business intelligence tools but also learn how to analyse and study trends in data. The course will equip students with skills in business intelligence and will teach students how to study, understand and interpret data using Excel. The course will also equip students with advanced data visualisation and data analysis tools. The following topics are covered in the course:

1. Power Query

2. Pivot tables and charts.

3. Power pivot

4. Excel Dashboards

5. Forecasting

6. What-if-analysis

7. Solver

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8. Descriptive Statistics

9. Correlation Analysis

10. Regression Analysis

The course has a project at the end of the course. In this project students will deal with data on an apple refurbished product seller, provided by the instructor, and will do the following analysis:

1. Import data with Power Query and transfer the data. This step will involve assigning formatting data.

2. Students will generate pivot charts.

3. Students will create an Excel Dashboard using pivot charts.

4. Students will submit the dashboards.



Importing Data using Power Query

Power Query

Power Pivots, Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts

Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
Power Pivot

Excel Dashboards

Excel Dashboards


Forecasting in Excel



Solving Equations in Excel


Data Analysis

Descriptive Statistics
Correlation Analysis
Regression Analysis