A Complete Thesis On The Bullish Case For Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

What you will learn

What Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Are and How They Works

The 8 Fundamentals of Bitcoin That Make It So Revolutionary

Why & How Bitcoin Will Reach Mass Adoption

How to Buy and Store Bitcoin (tax implications)

Why Bitcoin is so Important and What a Blockchain Future Could Look Like


In this course, we dive deep into one of the most revolutionary assets of all time… Bitcoin. We dig into how Bitcoin’s underlying technology, blockchain work. With no technical knowledge required, you will learn how the blockchain works, and why it is being called the “next generation of the internet.” Next, we take a closer look at the fundamentals of Bitcoin, and what makes it the most important cryptocurrency in the market. From there, we look to the future to see how these technologies may evolve and what other projects are being built on the blockchain. We also travel back in time, looking to the past to explore the history of money and why assets like Bitcoin are so important.

We begin with an introduction to both Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies and then progress into the technicals behind Bitcoin, price predictions, and evidence to back up all of our assumptions. We provide links to valuable resources that you can download or visit on your own. The goal of this course is not to be your only education on Bitcoin, it is designed to be your jumping-off point, your red pill, your platform off which to dive deep into the rabbit hole, with all the resources you need to succeed.

This course is a MUST for anyone thinking of investing in Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies.






Table of Contents

About the Instructor

Bitcoin & Blockchain Basics

Bitcoin & Blockchain Basics

Definitions: Bitcoin & Blockchain Cryptocurrencies

Internet vs. Blockchain

Distributed Ledger Technology

Fundamentals of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Fundamentals

The Unstoppable Eight









Finite Continued: Mining

Why We Need Bitcoin

Why We Need Bitcoin

Currency vs Money

The History Of Money

USD Purchasing Power

The History of Monetary Systems

GDP 101

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BONUS: Ray Dalio – Principals

How Big Is Bitcoin, Really?

How Big Is Bitcoin?

Billionaires on Bitcoin

Logarithmic Price Curve

Stock-to-Flow Model

Cryptocurrency Market Cap Comparisons

The Path to Mass Adoption

The Path to Mass Adoption

Getting to Mass Adoption

Consumer Adoption

Corporate Adoption

Government Adoption

Buying & Storing Cryptocurrency

How to Buy and Store Cryptocurrency

Where to Buy Cryptocurrency

How to Store Your Cryptocurrency

Crypto Taxation

The Future Of Blockchain

The Future of Blockchain

Mass Disruption

Brand Based Contracts vs Math Based Contracts

New Industries Emerge

The World of Alt-Coins

The Biggest Wealth Transfer In Human History

Hidden Secrets of Money

E1: Currency vs Money

E2: What the Future Could Look Like

E3: From Dollar Crisis to Golden Opportunity

E4: The Biggest Scam in the History Of Mankind

E5: Rise of Hitler Was Economics

E6: The Rollercoaster Crash

E7: The USA’s Day of Reckoning

E8: The Crypto Revolution

E9: Fall of Empires Rome vs USA

E10: American Bread & Circus