Comprehensive App Marketing including Influencer Marketing, App Store Optimization ASO, Advertising, Word of Mouth

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App Marketing


Mobile App Marketing

App Store Optimization

Mobile App

Mobile Game Marketing

Mobile Marketing


This is the definitive course on app marketing to help with your go-to-market app launch. Please note that this is NOT just a course on app store optimization (ASO). This is a more comprehensive course on marketing your app in the market for maximum impact.

I led the mobile app marketing for a Google venture-backed startup (Series E) in Silicon Valley. In just four months, I increased downloads by 71% and mobile app revenue by 89%.

I was also the Vice President of Marketing for a Google accelerator startup and a global marketing manager for Sony PlayStation. In addition, I was the marketing lead for a top-selling app on apps-dot-com. I taught college-level digital marketing and received my master’s in business administration from the #1 ranked school for marketing in the USA.

Below are a few of the app marketing lessons in this course. I expect the content to evolve as I get questions and feedback.

  • How to get tons of people installing your app and actually paying you!
  • Silicon Valley app marketing growth hacks for fast growth
  • Launch strategies for your app
  • App store optimization (ASO)
  • Cost-effective advertising for acquiring app users and paying customers
  • Influencer marketing for apps
  • Word of mouth app marketing
  • Social media advertising
  • App marketing case studies

Let’s get marketing!




App Marketing

Biggest App Marketing Mistake


The 2 Ways to Make Your App Profitable


Word of Mouth Drivers for Your App Marketing


Finding App Influencers

Reaching Out to Influencers

Influencer Outreach Examples

Subscription Metrics


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PLG Benchmarks

PLG Spreadsheet CAC

B2B Benchmarks


Basic Research for Big Impact



Keyword Research – SensorTower

Facebook & Instagram App Ads 1

Facebook & Instagram App Ads 2

LinkedIn App Ads

Google App Ads

App Marketing Is Not a Science

HotelTonight Case – Referrals

Entertainment vs Utility App Marketing


Stages of Awareness


Cold Email

McKinsey Model

A/B Tests / Experiments / Optimization


Calm Case Study